For Kerri Schultz, a miracle keeps on giving


Kerri Schultz was expecting to talk with her German bone-marrow donor by computer. Click photo for larger image.

Kerri Schultz hates surprises, but this one, well, it was a continuation of the miracle that saved her life. Read more »

Greenfield will switch remaining cable homes

Greenfield Communications plans to shut down the old Rancho Murieta Association cable TV feed and move all remaining customers, about 550 North homes, to Greenfield’s fiber TV service on Tuesday and Wednesday. The change will lower the cable bill for those customers from $49 a month to $40. If you're one of the homes, here's what you need to know. Read more »

Janet Watson, golf and poker fan, dies at 78

Janet Watson

Longtime Murietan Janet Watson is remembered as a woman who loved golf, poker with the ladies and, most of all, shopping. She died May 18 at age 78 after a four-year battle with cancer. She will be celebrated in a service 11 a.m. June 3 at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church on Cantova Way. Read more »

Murieta man charged with stealing $1,600

A 20-year-old Rancho Murieta man faces a charge of grand theft after being arrested in the post office parking lot in Murieta Plaza and charged with stealing $1,600 from a companion. Read more »

CSD alters irrigation rules, joins county panel

In a special meeting Wednesday, the Community Services District board followed the state lead and loosened its irrigation restrictions to allow three-times-a-week landscape watering. The board also appointed a representative to a county committee on development, an appointment that followed questions about whether the meetings will be public – they won't – and a bit of wrangling over who would be named to the committee. Read more »

CSD is headed for zero hike in monthly bills

The Community Services District is heading into the home stretch for a 2016-17 budget with no increase in monthly residential bills for water, sewer, drainage, security and trash collection services.  Last week the board approved the introduction of the budget and an ordinance to amend rates. Next month the directors will vote to adopt both. Read more »

Rancho Murieta would like to meet your family

Family profiles

County is setting up talks on development

As it did a decade ago, Sacramento County is facilitating meetings on Rancho Murieta development and inviting key community players to take part. Read more »

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