Saturday's open houses in Rancho Murieta

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Sue Frost: Getting homeless into jobs

Sue Frost

Posted by Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost
Exactly a year ago, I wrote an article on outlining why I thought Sacramento County was in need of a work program for people who are homeless.  Since then, I worked to help craft a plan that would not only employ people who are homeless, but also work to beautify Sacramento County at the same time.  I am thrilled to announce to you that the plan was formally adopted at the end of January, and will begin to be implemented in March. I want to take this opportunity to explain the program to you, and share with you why I believe it will work. Read more »

Your neighbors: Happy 50th, Stan and Letty!

Vivaldi anniversary

On this day 50 years ago, Murietans Stan and Letty Vivaldi were wed. This stop-the-presses appearance is an anniversary surprise, so we can't share a current photo of them. They have two children, Mike, who lives in Rancho Murieta, and Brian, who lives in Bothell, Washington. Here's Mike's message to his parents: "Congratulations on 50 years of marriage from all of your family and friends! You two are a happy, loving, fantastic couple whom we are proud to call mom and dad. Love, Mike and Lanie." (Click for larger image)

RMWGC Valentine Ball on North Course

Posted by Rancho Murieta Women's Golf Club
On a frigid Feb. 12, many fierce women golfers hit the boggy fairways to compete in the annual Valentine Ball. This event was scored with two best balls of the foursome. The onus of the Valentine ball alternated among players, and the Valentine ball had to count as one of the two scores on each hole for the team. Some of us had adventures in parts of the course previously unknown; others felt Cupid’s love as they embraced victory. Winners of this tournament are listed in the order in which they placed. Read more »

Saying 'cheese' for the camera


Neighbor and nature photog Paul Anderson shares this shot of some furry lake Murietans. He writes of the otters, "With these gloomy days, the only residents not bothered may be these guys!" (Click for larger image)

CSD may switch grant projects to keep funds

With a $500,000 grant on the line and a June 30 deadline, the Community Services District is considering switching the grant application from an augmentation well to expanded use of recycled water. The CSD Improvements Committee recommended taking the plan to the board for approval this month. Read more »


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