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Flooding reported on Scott Road

For the first time this rainy season, the sensors say Deer Creek has flooded Scott Road – as you can see on the traffic report on RanchoMurieta.com's home page. We have been monitoring the county flood sensors for the last several days, and they've shown no substantial change in Deer Creek levels until the last two hours, when they've rocketed into the FLOODED stage. We will continue to watch, and we'll appreciate your help monitoring Deer Creek. Please be careful. Don't do anything foolish.

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Scott Road Flooding

At midnite, Sun 06Jan2019, Scott Road at Deer Creek, H2O just at roadway level just south of creek channel-passable, scattered flotsom-jetsom on roadway from 1 hr earlier flooding reported by RM.com/SacFlood alert links. Also Scott at second hairpin dip avout 3 miles north of Barton Ranch flooded with about 2 inches of H2O pooled/crossing roadway. Tree debris from high winds on Scott at roller coaster. No flooding signs posted either end of Scott; White Rock nor Stonehouse. Careful our there in morning commute.

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