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Furniture Repair

Wanted: Furniture Repair

We are looking for someone to repair a broken sofa!  If anyone knows of someone in the business, let us know.  Thanks.

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Furniture Medic

Thought I would pass along some information on a furniture repairman we had out last week.  We have a leather couch we purchased through Costco which had some scratching / wear that needed to be addressed.  Costco referred 'Furniture Medic' to us & Mr. Brian Olson, the owner, called us fairly quickly to schedule an appointment.  He showed up on time and did an amazing job.  We are thrilled with his work & would recommend him to others. 

If you are still in need of furniture repair, you might want to call him at 916-912-0293.



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Furniture Repair

I Second this!

during a kitchen remodel, alot of my cabinets arrived scuffed and battered.  Brian was directed to me through Craft Made, the manufacturer of my cabinets, to swing by for reapairs.  I was astonished by the work he could perform.  

Very pleasant, professional and accomplished small business owner.

 I keep his card handy just in case someday I cause the damage!

So reach out to Brian Olson , the Furniture Medic to see how he can help.


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