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Good auto mechanic.....

Looking for a good/reliable auto mechanic.

Any suggestions....thanks.


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Reliable mechanic

This is an easy one...call Guy at Rancho Murieta Automotive...he's conveniently located across the street at the airport. He has taken great care of many RM residents.

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DITTO to Amy's post.   Works

DITTO to Coach Tree's post.   Works on Mini's to high end Mercedes. (he owns one).  Worked on my 82 Jeep and put a transmission in my 2002 Tahoe in one day, (saved me rental car expense, travel time,  not being without a car for three days, for less money)

Where else can you talk directly with the owner who will be the one working on your car or closely supervising?  Pricing?  More than fair!  A hidden gem right here in our communnity at the Rancho Murieta Airport.  

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Diversified Services  

Diversified Services   209-471-4056  Ask for Kevin

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RM Auto Repair

Excellent repair shop.  They will get the job done for you.  And, they will give you a ride home if you need it. Totally satisfied with their work and their prices.


William Gengler


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Auto Repair

Thanks everyone!!  I really appreciate the responses.  

The car is with Guy at RM Auto Repair now.  Very impressed so far. 

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RM Auto Repair

Guy is our man too...he's done work on our cars and we have been very happy with his service....we have long needed an auto repair shop out here and we are pleased to have him.....:)

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RM Auto Repair

Guy at RM Auto Repair got the job done.  He even came to my house to check out the car, which wasn't running.  We're very lucky to have him so close.

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