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Handy Bob recommendation

Handy Bob and his expert craftsman, Rich, have installed electrical outlets in bookcases and on an exterior wall, replaced deck boards and dry-rotted door frames, installed shower grab rails, replaced toilet valves and seals and have performed many other jobs over the years in excellent fashion. This endorsement and recommendation of their services is long overdue.

Theirs is a licensed business that further attests to their qualifications to estimate larger, more expensive jobs that may be required. Recently they saved me several hundred dollars in repairs that appeared to be necessary but were not when alternative actions were recommended by them. Bob and Rich are not only well qualified in all aspects of home repair but additionally are men of the highest integrity, a very important attribute when relying on someone to provide an honest assessment of repair requirements. Do give them the opportunity to impress you also.

Alan Klaus

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Handy Bob,s

Rich and Handy Bob's have been of great assistance over my years in RM. Never disappointed!!!!

Richard Robinson


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We use them for EVERYTHING.  Through the years they have put in a water heater, bumped out my closet pantry into a huge walk-in with room for a freezer.  Done all kinds of electrical work.  Put in an extra toilet in a back garage (on slab flooring).  Plus the mundane disposal, compactors, dishwasher & deck repair work.  

We are moving into a 'fixer' in a few weeks and have already spoken with them about redoing the bathroom--taking out the tub and replacing with a shower, and puting in a window.  I know that they will do a great job for a reasonable cost.

Cannot say enough good things about Bob and Rich

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Absolutely the most reliable,

Absolutely the most reliable, high quality work! Bob and Rich did  a large  part of my whole house renovation and a whole lot of other stuff for us in the past 25 years.  They are amazing!

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Bob and Rich are fantastic!

Bob and Rich have taken care of pretty much everything around my home for several years.  They are professional, courteous and really great to work with.  I highly recommend them!

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Bob and rich

We used them today for installation of a new disposal and re setting a toilet. Very please with work, charge, and promptness.

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