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Looking for Landscape Help

My wife and I recently purchased a home in north Rancho Murieta and are looking for someone to do some landscaping work.  We have a path that needs to redone--the decomposed granite base needs to be replaced and stepping stones reset.  We also need some mulching and minor cleaning done.  Does anyone know of anyone who does good work, reasonably?

Ernest Cowles

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Angel Salazar at 209-570-9120. He is a local landscaper and he is great and a very hard worker with great prices. 


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Landscaping Work

If you still need someone to do some landscaping work, I recently had a local company, Waterworks, clean up my yard and install and repair sprinklers.  They did a great job for a very reasonable rate.  I would highly recommend them.  They can be reached at (916) 607-6119. 

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I and many of my neighbors have used Doan Si regularly over the last 10 years.  He does great work and is very reasonable.  His phone is 916-616-0573.  Good Luck.

Thanks, jpr.

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Laurie West does good work

Laurie West does good work reasonably and lives in Rancho Murieta too.

Her number is 354-0590.


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