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Looking for Notary service

I am in need of a Notary. Does anyone know of a notary available in Rancho Murieta? I was told that at one time this service was available at the Country Club for members. 

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Ray, the RMA office used to provide that service.  I have used them in the past.

Bill Day

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H, Ray,

there is a gal on the South who has a home-based notary service but I cannot remember her name. Some of the younger gals on here likely know her. Sorry I couldn't help any more but you might want to check with one of the real estate offices. Suzanne at CSD is also a notary.

Bobbi Belton

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Rancho Murieta Business Center

I think the business center next to subway can help

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RMA can do notaries!!

Call RMA and ask for April...she does notary services for residents.

Myrna Solomon

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Mobile Notary

I am a mobile notary and can come to you if needed. I live on the south.  If you need this service please call me at 916.544.2062.  My name is PJ Shepherd


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Notary - Notaries to You in Rancho Murieta, CA

Sherry Carrillo owns "Notaries to You" located in the FAA Building in Rancho Murieta.  Her cell is 916 718 9492.  

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