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Need advice for help with a small painting job

I recently had two aging decks replaced and removed a useless hot tub, and in the process exposed old paint which looks pretty horrible. I've been able to match the paint color, but on the south-facing wall the newer paint has sun-faded, so I want to repaint the entire south and east-facing walls. I was going to repaint the walls myself, but two weeks ago I fell victim to an adenovirus  and as a result I am weak and also have mild vertigo, so I'm afraid to climb a ladder to paint the walls. I was hoping someone could give me a reference to a good painter who would be willing to take on a small job. It would probably take an experienced painter a few hours to repaint.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Gross

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paint recommendation

Hi Mark. I had Certa Pro do my living room. Good job cleaned up after themselves and were pretty reasonable. They are advertiisers here.

Dave Heltman 

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Thanks Dave. I contacted CertaPro and was informed that they do not do "little" jobs like mine. That seemed a bit presumptious considering they know absolutely nothing about the job. After reading the blog posts earlier this week regarding nightmarish experiences with another painting contractor, I'm going to take my chances on the stepladder and just do it myself.

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Call Rick Carrington and Chris Shepherd.  They are RM residents and fabulous painters.  No job too small or too big.

They just finished painting my house not long ago and three others on my street.  Hard workers, fair and cost effective.

Rick's number is 769-2911 and Chris' is 342-4271


Good Luck,


Bill McCarver

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