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Personal recycling

For several years my husband has done our recycling at the Ione or Pokerville Markets. Both seem to have closed recently. Any suggestions you may have much appreciated!

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Recycling Industries

We have gone to Recycling Industries on Power Inn Road for years (http://www.recyclingindustries.com/products-services/consumer/materials-...). 

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All of my family use the one in the Walmart shopping center in Folsom.....across from the fire station.

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I've also used the facility in front of Wal Mart.  However..........

Prices tend to be significantly lower than in town sites such as the one mentioned by Raelyn.

My favorite is on 24th Ave near Florin-Perkins.

Also, can be a line at the Wal Mart site as it appeared to be a favorite site for transients when I was there. 


Jeff Alexander

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Give your recycles to the Kiwanis. They do great things for the community. They have a collection at the Gazebo and Stonehouse park, I believe.

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Youth Group Fundraiser

Our local Deer Creek Pony Club youth group also collects recycling as an ongoing fundraiser.  We pick up the recycling from your house.  Just call or email us for service:  

Charrie Bastian @ (916) 826-1332 or brilliantebegin@gmail.com

Thank you!

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