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Pet MIcro Chipping - So Important

While it was a good outcome Wednesday for the white/yellow Labrador, even with the limited service CSD Security can provide, a good lesson was learned about Micro Chipping and how to find the owners.

Security was able to scan the for the Micro Chip but did not have the ability to do anything further than give me the chip number. Unfortunately the only thing I was told to do was to call Animal Control and see if they could provide the owner for the chip and/or they would contact the owner.  Come to find out there is a website where I could have input the chip number and would have been provided the manufacturer of the chip and who to contact to report the found dog.

Had I had this information sooner, I would have been able to get the dog back to the family sooner. As it was, the owner came home to find her dog gone, she was clearly distraught and heartbroken as their other dog had died over the weekend. Fortunately I saw her walking with with an empty leash searching for her lost dog. I was able to bring her to where I was having the dog held and she was so relieved and confused as to how he could have escaped.

Another step that Security can do is check their system for pets that have been registered with them. Using the GateAccess.net which is where you now register your guests and service people using your pin number vs. calling the North or South Gate, you can also provide pet information and photos. Security then can search by breed. But the tricky part is if a finder doesn't know the breed, or if the breed is correct but the color is wrong. So do use a simple color description vs. the color a breeder has given you (if it is a purebred).

So now the tear-jerking part...she came by yesterday to tell me that the Labrador had dug a hole under the fence to get out and search for his buddy that had passed away. She found scratch marks all over the door for him trying to get back into the house. Just so devastating.

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