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Pool Calcium Ring

We moved into a house with a pool ringed with fairly dense white calcium deposits at the waterline. After a lot of research I'm more and more confused about what is the best way to clean it off. The biggest problem is that the tiles are not flat or high gloss. The tiles are '"bumpy" -- the intent being to look more natural, which makes them difficult to clean. Any suggestions ?


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Pool Calcium Ring

Craig, I believe that a professional tile cleaning works best when it's as bad as you describe. They'll usually use glass beads to blast it off and it can be done without draining the pool. There are calcium "erasers" and chemicals that promise to remove the stains, but I found them to be a lot of work and ineffective. 

Terry C

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Pool Tile Cleaned!!!

Taylor and Jamie from Deep Blue Pool Service just left a short while ago after doing a superb job of cleaning a nasty, solid white line and milky white area of calcium off our pool tiles.


They were on time, on budget, efficient, informative (I'm a novice pool owner), and friendly.


And best of all, the salt blasting technique not only did a great job of cleaning the tile, since it causes no damage to the tiles they will likely last the life of the pool.


This technique is new in this area (they may be the only ones using it). The advantage is that since salt is softer than glass it causes no damage to the tile surface. From what I've read, repeated bombardment by glass beads will eventually wear the tile surface. This approach may be a few bucks more than other methods, but in the long run we should save by not having to replace tiles. You can find out more by visiting their website or calling for a consultation.





I have no connection to Deep Blue Pool Service in any way, so I have no motive for recommending them other than I'm a 100% satisfied customer.



 Craig Sheumaker

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