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Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair

I heard about how good Guy Shaw at RM Auto Repair was and decided to try him last week.  I needed a heater hose replaced and he immediately called for the right part and arranged for a ride home for me.  When the part arrived, he already had my car prepped for the replacement and took care of the problem in no time.  I saved a trip to Folsom and the hassles of leaving a car there and getting rides back and forth to pick it up.  What a great asset to have here in RM.  If you need any auto repairs done, you will enjoy working with Guy.  You can reach him at 354-8800.  He is conveniently located at the RM airport.

John Reeve



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RM Auto Repair

Guy has bailed me out twice. Both times he went out of his way to make everything go as smoothly as possible including giving me a ride home. I couldn't agree more that he is a tremendous asset to have in our community. I hope enough people use his services for him to stay around for a long time.


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Guy at Rancho Murieta Auto Repair

Just had another great service experience. Guy never fails to provide excellent customer service. Thanks again, and I hope the rest of RM will support you. We need your kind of vendors here.

Bruce McMahon

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