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Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair is the best!

Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair has been so helpful in the care of our two cars. Very honest, great customer service and so convenient! They are located right across the street at the airport. Please give them a try!


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Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair

I couldn't agree more about the positive posts about this local automotive repair shop right across the street!   Today happened to be the 3rd time in the last few months that I just dropped by to inquire about issues with my car.  The owner walked right out to my car each time and assisted me efficiently and quickly!   I am happy to say I canceled an appt in sacramento at the dealership tomorrow because he hooked a meter type machine up to my car and figured out the problem in minutes! Hopefully  I won't have any other problems with my car, but I know exactly where I will be headed if I do!  

Kelly F

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Rancho Murieta Auto

You can not go wrong with Rancho Murieta Auto...They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all sorts of repair...Any make and any model...Old and current...Hot Rods and exotics...Foreign and domestic...Cars and trucks...Why drive to Sacramento or Rancho Cordova when you can drop your car off in the community and support a local business...He is located in the first hanger at the airport...

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