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RV Repair - Avoid Folsom RV and Try Allied Trailer Supply

We just got done getting some repairs done to our Hybrid Trailer.  We had used Folsom RV in the past, so we went there again.  They have all new people and practices.  They tried to swindle us.  We want to advise others to stay away from there.  They charged us $65 to assess our mini refrigerator, which they said had to replaced for over $800.  They also said the pull down bed would cost over $800 to fix and tried to suggest it was in greater disrepair than it is.  They charged over $100 to fix the vent.  We left and went to Allied Trailer Supply over on Bus 80, which was great.  They fixed the bed and the refrigerator for $175, which was the same amount Folsom RV charged for just replacing the vent after trying to bamboozle us into spending a ton more. 

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Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the "heads up" on Folsom RV. Noted!

There is a Dometic dealership over off of El Camino that is the only "Authrozed" Dometic dealer around and they will charge you an arm and a leg for things as well.

Allied is awesome! They are pretty much the only place I use for local parts. Their prices are always either the best or very competitive and they are helpful. I didn't know that their repair service was that good though. So that's good information to know as we all start getting ready for the family camping trips!

Happy Camping!

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