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Stonehouse Bistro was Excellent!

I recently had dinner at Stonehouse Bistro (which I believe is now called MacKenzie's Bistro) and it was excellent.  I will admit I was pleasantly surprised because a few years ago I didn't hear the best reviews.  Plus I think of myself as a good cook so I hesitated to spend the money on food I could create myself.  Well, the food was wonderful, the service was stellar and the atmosphere was clean and relaxing.  The owner personally introduced himself & was genuinely friendly.  I was seated right away and the food was delivered in a timely manner.  The Caesar salad was abundant & delicious.  And the steak melted in my mouth.  The dessert was fabulous!  It felt great to support a local business & have a wonderful dinner "out on the town".  Thank you Stonehouse Bistro/MacKenzie's for a wonderful experience!

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We've said it before but it bears repeating...Stonehouse Bistro is a gem!. We had our favorite Salmon Caesar salads recently and they were as fresh, ample an delicious as always. The service was also friendly and attentive as usual.

So far, we've never had a bad or even mediocre experience there. Please support them...we want them to stay around for a long time!! If you have a complaint, talk to Pete...he wants to know.

 Craig Sheumaker

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