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2 GREAT meals in the past 3 days at Stonehouse Bistro. We had not had the chance to go there in the past few years since they changed ownership and I am so sorry that it took so long. So meals were so flavorful that I may give up cooking and just go there most nights.  My husband ate all of his and half of mine.

Tonite I had the panko breaded pork chop ...but I did ask for the sauce on the side as my daughter had mentioned that she once had it and knew I would not like it otherwise.  She was right......It was delicious...I just prefer a dip than a sauce.  Hubby had the blue cheese angus burger (I think I got that right) and loved every bite.   Shrimp bruchetta appetizer.

The other night we both had pasta dishes that were done to perfection with a special 'salad' for a starter.

We will be going back again shortly

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Great food and service at the Bistro

I have had several dinners lately at the Stonehouse Bistro and each one has been wonderful.  Great service, and great food.  I still can't believe we have such a great restaurant so close!

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