Here's a look at the modern-day history of Rancho Murieta, from the 1960s to the present, with photographs and memorabilia collected through the years. This history, which walks you through the community's story decade by decade, is built on facts gathered through the years by and photos gathered by neighbors and community organizations.


Dorothy Granlees on her family's turkey farm on a summer day in 1935.

3rd Fairway

In 2002, almost 70 years later, that spot was an out-of-bounds slice off the North Course's third fairway, facing a row of homes.

History Project

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The history of Rancho Murieta is a challenging task.

Do you begin with the Native Americans who once lived on this land and gave the Cosumnes River its name?

Do you begin with the Gold Rush and the miners whose population up the river at Michigan Bar numbered in the hundreds or thousands?

Do you begin with the bandit who -- history or nonsense -- gave his name to the community?

Do you begin after most of the miners have left, and the land was returned to grazing and some farming?

This history begins in a different place -- in modern times with the development of the land and our community. It isn't a worthier starting point than the others, but it is more accessible. The other histories are projects for another day.

The archival sources for this material are, in alphabetical order, Murieta Times,, Rancho Murieta Country Club newsletters, River Valley Times, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Business Journal and Sacramento Union.


INTRO | '60s | '70s | '80s | '90s | '00s

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