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Cosumnes CrusherThe Rancho Murieta Association board learned this week about the Cosumnes Crusher, a 38-mile inaugural bike event planned to pass through the community on May 4. Neighbor Mike Walker of the Murieta Trail Stewardship, which is coordinating the race, spoke about it at Tuesday’s RMA meeting.

The title sponsor is the Murieta Inn & Spa. Participants are encouraged to stay there overnight and take part in the next day’s Great Scott Bike and Walk Event, an annual Sacramento County event that closes Scott Road to cars and opens it to cyclists and pedestrians. On Friday afternoon, before the Cosumnes Crusher, a bike skills event is planned for the Country Club, another organizer said.

Walker said the race will “highlight the community,” pulling in racers and their supporters from the Bay Area to the Nevada state line. The entry fee for racers has not been announced.

The race will begin at the hotel and go east on Jackson Road to Michigan Bar, he said, where it will head into the back country, eventually returning to Rancho Murieta. Maps distributed by event organizers show a route that includes Clementia Circle, Camino Del Lago, De La Cruz Drive and Bridge House Lane. The route will make use of the community’s bike trails. 

“The imposition to the community should be just about nil,” Walker said. “Inside the community, it should only affect us for maybe an hour or so.”

He said the event is planned for 300 to 500 racers, and it will be capped at 500. The Murieta segments will be near the end of the race, Walker said. “All of the racers are going to be pretty well strung out” at that point, he said. “It’s not going to be a big gaggle of racers coming through; you’re going to have ones and twos.”

The race will finish at the Country Club lower parking lot, he said, and from there, racers will return to the hotel, exiting the community through a little-used gate on Jackson Road and not the North Gate.

RMA General Manager Greg Vorster said after the meeting that the directors want additional information about the race. He said he got a call several weeks ago about the event from development representative John Sullivan. He asked Sullivan to provide more information, but the details arrived only a few hours before Tuesday’s meeting, Vorster said.

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Bike event

What a wonderful idea!  Where can we sign up to volunteer?  Remember  when  Greg Lemond ( 3 time winner  of the Tour de France)  lived here?

Jeff and Sue Kohlhardt

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