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Cut padlocks and thefts from storage spaces were reported over the weekend at the Rancho Murieta Airport storage facility. In unrelated incidents, a number of unlocked cars parked outside overnight in Murieta North were entered.

Security Chief Paul Wagner said at least four vehicles were entered late Sunday night. “Nothing of real value was taken,” he said in an email. There was no forced entry in any of the situations, he said.

He offered advice that’s repeated whenever would-be thieves go through unlocked vehicles: “Please lock your vehicles anytime you leave them unattended, even here.”

Sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull said Tuesday that seven units may have been entered at the storage business, and an investigation has been opened. He could not speak to items taken. He said there are no suspects.

Rancho Murieta Security logs say a person reported suspicious activity at the storage facility around 4:15 a.m. Saturday, and Security patrol saw two vehicles run the stop sign at Cantova Way soon after.

Wagner said he has been told two thieves used a storage code to enter the facility and then cut padlocks to enter individual units.  He said a number of items were lost, including a fifth-wheel hitch from the bed of a truck. Sheriff’s investigators are reviewing a video recording, he said.

One Murietan whose space was hit said they’ve identified a telescope and some card-table chairs as missing, but the inventory of stored items is still going on.

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Unlocked Cars & Homes

Reading the recent article titled "Crimes" and learning that people actually leave their cars unlocked as if they live in Disneyland just doesn't make good sense at all!! Big deal so we live in a gated secured community does that mean that we are free from the normal crimes committed outside our community???? WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Crime happens everywhere!! Yes even in your little corner of paradise! I hear people say they leave their homes unlocked too!! No bueno!! Seriously??? This is the 21st Century the year 2017!! It doesn't matter where you live these days YOU must protect your belongings!! Don't whine if your car or home gets robbed if you are not taking care to lock them up. Remember you're an adult be responsible and use some common sense!! 



Debbie Kolmodin

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Thank you for reporting

Thank you to everyone reporting. Some of these "crimes of opportunity" have sounded like they are perpetuated by people experienced in credit card fraud, identity theft etc.. Thank you too for reporting to the Sheriff's Dept. They need to know the crimes we experience for planning and patrolling purposes at the bare min. Reporting, to Security, Sherriff, RM.com, forums & groups.. is the fastest and best way to curtail crimes here. As we need to encourage speedy, open communication re: Crimes, I don't find your comments constructive Deborah. 

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Crimes in RM

Thank you Nellie Bloom, for your common sense reply on the crimes in RM.  When I check the statistics for crimes in RM, I find very FEW REPORTS!  I'm guessing that folks think that if they report it to Security, it's also reported to the Sheriff Department automaticly...NOT SO !!!!! SECURITY DOES NOT REPORT IT TO THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT...the victim must do that themselves...either online or to the safety center volunteer.  Remember folks, this community is growing and more growth means more crime and incidents will happen. In order to get more coverage from the Sac Sheriff Dept., the stats must show that we have problems ...otherwise, they just think we are doing fine with no problems!!!!!  REPORT YOUR CRIME EITHER ONLINE OR TO THE SAFETY CENTER !!!!!!!

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More details on car crimes

The locations of these incidents weren't available when we first reported this, but the Security logs have placed the break-ins on Rio Blanco, Robles Grandes, Venado, Camino Del Lago, Playa Del Rey and Rio Oso. The logs say several cars were ransacked. Listed as stolen were a briefcase, sunglasses and a checkbook and keys.

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Crimes in Murieta

Deborah, Nellie and Jacque: Believe you are all correct and perhaps there's some misunderstanding on roles to be acted on. All probably agree that 1) crime prevention begins at home, locking and safeguarding your own turf, including cyber, and 2) reporting crime. And perhaps therein lies the rub, i.e., who to report crime to? Posting on our media, RM.com, RM Online.com, RVT, Facebook may be good beginnings, yet doesn't alleviate individual responsibility to report to constituted authority such as our Safety Center or Security or Sheriffs/CHP, etc. So what constitutes adequate reporting of crime? CSD Security? Question that needs to be answered by CSD: Since we, Murietan taxpayers in Sac County, are being double taxed for security/law enforcement by both CSD and County, and perhaps County partially rebates our security taxation in deference to CSD Security fees, why shouldn't CSD Security be sufficient for our reporting of internal Murieta crime and indeed our sole input, for relay to Sheriffs/CHP, etc? Just asking.

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crimes in murieta

i agree that we use common sense and should be vigiilant.  i don't like being lectured like we are children and stupid.  if the shoe fits, well good for you.

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