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Below is one portion of the Community Services District's "Candidates Night" meeting Thursday. Here are links to the other sections:

Bob Kjome: OK, I think we're at the point where we can do closing statements. Why don't we start off with Ron and go around the table?

Ron Amarante: Bear with me, because this air conditioning's taking a toll on me. I'm a hard worker and I know how to listen and reason with people over their issues and concerns. I also have concerns over quality and quantity of our water supply if Rancho Murieta's over-developed. Security is a big issue for me, concerning traffic and safety for all. I'd like to see the Country Club expand with a community center, swimming pool, and so on. I would also like to see the Village residents be more involved with the CSD. Last of all, the repairs of our infrastructure are overdue. You can count on me to do the job for you. Thank you.

Linda Butler: I didn't really completely answer one of the questions and it was about hard work. I think that that governing in an unincorporated community is extremely hard work. Lots of diversity, people who are interested in taking care of families, they're taking care of their kids, we've got retirees, and singles, and empty-nesters, and they all have their own issues and their own needs. I believe that we can be a community of unity and vision, but it's not enough to sit on a board, you have to do that hard work. It takes time, energy, and commitment, and as your representative, I'd be willing to do the hard work, get the facts, and examine our options, and think creatively.

The future of Rancho Murieta is dependent on our willingness to consider the whole community. Addressing issues as quickly as possible and as cost effective as possible. I believe Rancho Murieta is worth the effort.

Morrison Graf: I'd say with my previous involvement on the board, I feel I have gained experience and knowledge and understanding. It's amazing the hard work you have to do when you're here, is the first thing, you've got to go through about three binders, about yea thick, of all the MBA, the water rights, all that. There is a lot of knowledge that you really have to absorb before you can be effective at what's going on. To understand some of these topics that come before the board takes some background, quite often. I've been on board, this my third year, because I stepped in for Paul Gumbinger to finish his term. All I can say, I feel I'm experienced, I can bring my expertise and experience from my career. I can continue on with the process that's been going on. I promise to look at each and every issue as it comes up, and really vote on it based on its merits. That's what I can promise to the community.

Randy Jenco: I was asked about not having an agenda and that is absolutely 100 percent true. I didn't run for this because I have some grand idea of what I want or what the community needs. I really am here because I want the best for our community and I would really like to dig into this reserve situation, find out what's causing us to overtax the people by $400,000 when we're not using it, or do we need it for our reserves, and find out if we really do need to increase taxes on the next go-around. It's not exciting, but that's what I'm interested in, and that's why I'm here.

Tim Maybee: Thank you. First of all, Bob, thank you for making sure we didn't put the boxing gloves on. Thank you to staff and everybody that's put up with this. A lot of the stuff you've heard have been somewhat complex issues, some of them pretty basic issues. At the end of the day, a couple of these issues should've already been handled, addressed long ago. They haven't been and that's why I'm running for the board.

I'm somewhat passionate about service delivery levels and those types of things. As a fiscally conservative person, I get the limitations, the budgetary aspect of it, but there's a whole lot of things that can make us more efficient. We just have to give staff the expectations and then the latitude to step out of the way to make it happen. There is revenue available for cameras, like I said before; we just have not acted on it. That is a simple fix that in two meetings can be done, but it hasn't. Those are the types of things that frustrate me a little bit from that standpoint.

I'm going touch on what Randy said, somebody asked Randy to speak for the three of us. Why are the three of us running? I usually defer to age and experience. More experience and age over here. I learned that process of being on a board from them, from the homeowners association. With that said, I'm never going to ask anybody for my vote, but you've got three votes, I would use two of them on these older guys before it's too late. I mean, they have plenty of time left. (laughter) Thank you.

Jerry Pasek: I guess my interest has always been: improve the community and provide more for what we have available. We talked before about shared resources. About six year ago, I guess it is, we did a study where we indicated a lot of things that could be shared with the Country Club, the RMA and CSD – in particular, equipment. Another one was the gasoline tanks and bulk purchases, et cetera, et cetera. Unless you take the general managers and sit them down and hammer them over the head, the lower echelon and the RMA in particular, says hell no, we ain't going to that because that's extra paperwork or something like that. It's always been a roadblock. The shared resources is a thing, and again, I reiterate, multiple HOAs will drive this place absolutely crazy if we don't get a handle on it. Thank you.

Martin Pohll: I just want to reiterate, that my engineering background is really applicable to this job and the issues that CSD faces. My experience with budgets and reserves is going to be a real asset to the community. I mentioned in the opening statement that when I was on the board with RMA, we had a lot of success in getting a lot of things through. And it wasn't just because of me, it was because of the team that was there. This same team, is wanting to be elected to CSD, so I would suggest you vote for Randy, Tim, and myself. Thank you for having us.

Bob Kjome: Thank you, Martin. Well, on behalf the CSD, I think you all for putting your hat in the ring for this important role in our community. It shows a lot of initiative on all of your parts. I think our community will benefit from whoever's elected. I think you all did an excellent job tonight. I'd also like to thank the audience for al the comments and questions, well thought-out questions. I look forward to seeing the results on election night. Thank you all for coming.

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