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The North developers have responded to the Country Club leadership’s proposal to sell the club to longtime golf industry professionals based in Southern California.

The response, released Tuesday by Elmets Communications, a media-relations firm representing Rancho Murieta Properties, followed a request from RanchoMurieta.com for the developers' view of the club proposal.

The developer statement:

The Board of Directors of Rancho Murieta Country Club has expressed its intention to exercise their purchase option under their Lease with Murieta Club Properties, LLC.

The process and procedures necessary to exercise the purchase option are spelled out in the Lease and the By-Laws of RMCC. It is our understanding that any proposed plan is subject to the oversight of the Department of Corporations.

We have, since acquiring the real property in 2013, met with the Board on a number of occasions to discuss the need for additional investments in the facilities, and have encouraged them to produce a multi-year business plan to improve the Club and guide future decisions.

It is important to us that the Membership of RMCC is in no way disenfranchised in the process that the Board has laid out, and that the ultimate business plan has the support of the membership, is well capitalized and financially sustainable.

Club leadership is in the process of rolling out the proposal to members, who must approve any sale.

Club leaders met last week with the captains of the golf and tennis clubs and introduced James A. (Bob) Husband, who is heading an effort to buy the club. His group promises to build a pool and fitness center as part of their purchase.

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A Beaver has taken up residence in Lake Guadalupe. We have observed the Beaver gathering materials for a den it has built in the tullies at the far end of the lake. We were both surprised and wondered where it had come from?


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Where is Lake Guadalupe?


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How cool, now if we could train it to take out certain trees.  Hope it doesn't eat all the fish.

Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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Better yet. Maybe we could train it to scare off the geese at Lake Cementia.

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On Fuente de Paz

Lake Guadalupe is on Fuente de Paz

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