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Huey Lewis tribute

Photo gallery: Faces in the crowd (60 shots)

It was a hot time at Lake Clementia Saturday night as the latest Entertainment, Theatre & Culture concert set the stage for the holiday week coming up. After CalAirShows' red, white and blue “Miss America” plane zoomed by a few times to the delight of the crowd, The Heart of Rock & Roll, a Huey Lewis tribute band, lit up the stage like a Fourth of July firecracker with its namesake song. What followed was a hits-filled evening that included “Do You Believe in Love,” “Heart and Soul,” “The Boys are Back in Town,” music from ‘80s classic movie “Back to the Future,” and a foray onto the dance floor by the group’s Huey Lewis doppelgänger front man during “Stuck With You.” ETC estimated the crowd at about 700. The next ETC concert is July 21, a tribute to country music legends. (Click photo for larger image.)

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