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The other lunchtime, this light-fingered fellow was working his way from cart to cart in the Pro Shop parking lot. A passerby reported a Snickers bar had gone missing from her golf cart. Be on the lookout. Security has been notified. Click photo for larger image.

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RM crime report

Country Club GM Bill Armstrong's member newsletter this month updates everyone on the life of crime this squirrel has chosen.


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RM Crime Report

Hahahaha....how do I list this on the crime stats ???? 

And then, do we have any cuffs that small......oh boy !!!!  Years ago, I remember while playing golf on the course, a golfer had his watch stolen by a squirrel...yep, and then the critter went down a hole with the watch !!!!  The golfer never got it back......I'm guessing the little guy liked the shiney piece.....LOL

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Crime Spree

It’s pretty obvious that this is the same guy who was stealing the Trump signs. These Radical Sciuridae need to be stopped! Deported? Build a giant wall? Something…

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Needed a laugh

Oh thank you Benjamin, I needed a laugh on this hot day  :-)

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Caught in the Act!

We caught the little guy stealing a granola bar from a cart tonight while the cart was parked at the club. He dragged the granola bar across the street, tore it open and quickly ate the contents. He obviously found a favorite!

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Someone or something has been stealing range balls out of my cart.  I think he's working on his swing!

Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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