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SnowmanCousins Cate and Brooke Corsaut shared a chair and helped make a Frosty the Snowman from paper plates and cotton balls after hearing a story about the famous snowman Monday.

Despite wind and rain, about 40 children and moms turned out for the Rancho Murieta Moms Group’s "Winter is Here Story Time" Monday morning.

It was the first story time event of the new year and  “the biggest one that we’ve done so far,” said Charlotte Dubey, one of the organizers.

The Mom’s Group uses a grant from First 5 Sacramento Commission to fund the free activity, which is open to all the children of the community. Dubey said First 5 grants are intended for “building community,  getting people together,” and are not based on a community’s income level.

The event was held at the home of Charrie Bastian, who read two stories. The group joined in singing “Frosty the Snowman,” and then moved on to a craft project, which was followed by a snowman-themed snack that featured stacked banana slices. Everything was done in the space of an action-packed hour.


It was the biggest turnout so far for Story Time, organizers said, as moms and little ones settled in to see a pop-up book about what snowmen do at night (spoiler alert -- they play together in the park) and hear about the most famous snowman of  all, Frosty.

Moms on sofa

Story Time is a way for families with young children to get to know one another, which is the goal of the First 5 Sacramento grant program. 

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I would love for me and my 4

I would love for me and my 4 1/2 year old to be a part of this...who do I contact.


Julie Jordan

jordansjules@sbcglobal.net     354-1070

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Murieta Moms Group

Rancho Murieta Moms Group
Web site here at RanchoMurieta.com
All moms in Rancho Murieta are invited to join. From the group: Our goal is to support you, your family and our community through friendships with RM moms, Moms' Night Out, Meals for Moms, babysitting co-ops, various playgroups, fun field trips, local events including annual Christmas party and annual picnic, community projects, political voice in the community, fundraising for charity and group events. Contacts: Charlotte, 354-1589; Michelle, 354-1644; Nickquel, 690-4201 and Sara, 354-3301.

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Helping groups in Rancho Murieta

Thanks for jumping in with the answer, Jacque.  Making a pitch for other organizations in Murieta, you can find info on 45 groups that do good and offer value to Murietans at RM.com's groups directory, where Jacque found that information.  Take a look.

And if your organization isn't listed there, or it's there but needs updating, please let us know at editor@ranchomurieta.com.

Many of these groups publish their own news here at RM.com.  You've probably seen their news interspersed with stories on the home page.

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All are welcome!

All are welcome to join the Rancho Murieta Moms Group! We absolutely welcome new members any time! Please sign up - and refer a friend! - at https://www.bigtent.com/groups/rmmg questions regarding our group can be directed to RMMomsclub@live.com. We have lots of fun events coming up on our calendar, including playgroups,  a playgroup field trip to ArtBeast (downtown Sac), the kick off party for Relay for Life. a Valentines Pirates & Princesses Party, and a live animal show at our storytime event in March AND a much needed Mom's Night Out, which is coming up soon! Not to meniton freindships and camaraderie

We hope to see new faces!

Charlotte Dubey

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