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Saturday's Rancho Murieta Airshow was just the first of this era, the organizer says, and it was a good start. Held to mark Armed Forces Day, the show harkened back to Rancho Murieta air shows decades ago. This one had lots of aircraft, lots of food and hundreds of spectators. The video tells the story.

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Photos from RM Airshow

Noted local photographer Bill Gengler checks in from the show with this smokin' photo.

Smoky plane

And if you're the aircraft type, you might enjoy these photos, posted in a forum about air racing photography.

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The Tragic Side of Air Shows

I remember the airshow where one of the planes crashed into Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor in Sacramento in 1972 and killed many people, including an entire family. (Here's a link for that tragic story http://www.check-six.com/Crash_Sites/Sabrejet_crash_site.htm )  I was only a few blocks away from Farrell's when it happened and got caught up in the traffice jam with all the fire engines and ambulances going around us, so perhaps I am a bit more sensitive to airplanes flying over my house than other people are.  That said, I do not approve of any airshow that goes on over any part of any residential area, especially mine.  As long as futher RM airshows occur away from the houses, no problem--have fun and enjoy.  However, I greatly resent and oppose the planes flying over my house, or near my house or over my neighbors' houses.  We were "buzzed" a few times--our house shook from the flyovers and it truely sounded as if the plane was going to crash into our house one of those times--NOT entertaining in any way, shape, or form.   I don't think I qualify as paranoid, either, as the more recent airshow crash in Reno also proves that such accidents can still happen.

M Duffek

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