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We hope you enjoy this video, which kicks off a new content category at RanchoMurieta.com called "We Live Here," capturing the best of Rancho Murieta. Please contribute. When you shoot a photo or video that fits this bill, let us know at editor@ranchomurieta.com. If the photo/video can be sent in by email, great – send it in. If it can't be handled by email, let us know that and we'll get back to you with another way to share it. To get "We Live Here" started, we've gone back through recent photos and tagged them "We Live Here." To see this collection, just click this link or the "We Live Here" tag under the headline. The family portraits in this video were shot by Murietan Justin Hayduk.

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Rancho Murieta Video

Thank you for that beautiful video of our community...this is why I live here and love it...there is so much beauty here if you just look around...<3

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