On the wings of eagles (and robins)

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EagleWe've certainly got talented neighbors. Here are photos shot Sunday by Paul Anderson and Thomas Eaton. Paul got shots of backyard birds amidst the beautiful fall foliage, like this robin making off with a berry. Tom offers this season's first shots of Murieta's resident bald eagles, shots taken at Lake Clementia. There are more photos from each on the next page. (Click photos for larger images.) Read more » Read more » about On the wings of eagles (and robins)

'Best of Murieta' for a whole year

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Buck and fuzzy rack

Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces, the neighbor group that's trying to influence development, has released a 2018 "Best of Murieta" calendar, designed to highlight some of the beauty of Rancho Murieta and to spread the SOLOS message about the need to preserve it. The calendar features the photography of Murietans Bill Gengler, Tim Leesley and Paul Anderson. Anderson took this remarkable shot. The calendar, available now, is $20 and can be ordered by sending a request to contact@solosrm.org. (Click photo for larger image.) Read more » about 'Best of Murieta' for a whole year

The little ones are growing up

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Young eagles

Neighbor Paul Anderson shares some shots from earlier this week. The young bald eagles at Lake Clementia are indeed growing up, keeping alive the possibility of future generations of Murieta eagles. You can see another photo, more dramatic, by clicking to "read more." (You won't be disappointed.) Read more » Read more » about The little ones are growing up

Two-time grandma shares baby photos

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Neighbor Billye Ericksen shares the photos and story: "The pictures are from the first robin's nest in the rafters of my home. For the longest time I was sure there were three baby robins and then saw that there were four! They all did well under the fantastic parenting of those two hard workers and all flew away over a period of two days. I started taking photos on 5/14 and finished the shoot on 5/27. And now there is another set of robins who have made a nest at the other end of my deck and they have picked the hottest time for nesting. Still no sign of the new babies. However, I set out a tray of water to offer some relief. I will keep you all posted. Last year there were two sets of robins who nested in the same places and when they started 'sizing up the place' from the safety of the back yard weeks ago, I realized that this is their home and I am so lucky to be second-time grandma to the robins." Click the photos for a larger image. Read more » about Two-time grandma shares baby photos

Take a bow, buddy – it's American Eagle Day

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Tuesday was National American Eagle Day. Timing being everything, neighbor Paul Anderson checked in with more of his wonderful pictures of Rancho Murieta's bald eagles. He wrote of the day, "This day is set aside to honor our national symbol, raise awareness for protecting the bald eagle, assist in the recovery of their natural environments and take part in educational outreach. I felt it was appropriate especially with the projected growth in our special community to observe this day." There are more photos inside. (Click for larger images) Read more » Read more » about Take a bow, buddy – it's American Eagle Day

Bikes will rule Scott, White Rock roads

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The seventh Great Scott! Bike and Walk Event will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, closing Scott and White Rock roads to vehicular traffic in favor of bikers and walkers. Read more » about Bikes will rule Scott, White Rock roads

Get the 'Newborn' sign for Lake Clementia

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Eagles - Paul Anderson

Neighbor Paul Anderson, who shared great photos of the bald eagles last month, is back with a blessed announcement: "Babies!" In this photo, and the one on the next page, taken Sunday, you can see little heads – one in this photo, two in the next. Be sure to click the photos to see them at larger size. Read more » Read more » about Get the 'Newborn' sign for Lake Clementia

Tree falls, blocks Via Del Cerrito

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Fallen tree

Rancho Murieta Association staffers Mark Kitchener and Rod Hart work by truck headlights at dusk Tuesday to cut up a 30-foot oak that had fallen across Via Del Cerrito and blocked it a short time before. The tree was one of a cluster of three oaks in front of a house. Did something happen to bring it down? "It just fell over," said Hart, the RMA's maintenance manager. Click photo for larger image Read more » about Tree falls, blocks Via Del Cerrito

SOLOS members contribute $1,131 to trails

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Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces (SOLOS), the group trying to influence development in the community, announced a donation to the Murieta Trails Stewardship Monday. The $1,131 check, funded by contributions from SOLOS members and others, will cover the stewardship’s insurance costs for a year as it maintains trails around the community. Read more » about SOLOS members contribute $1,131 to trails

Spring flowers to greet March showers

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Flowering trees

At midday Friday, with the flowering trees on De La Cruz Drive offering their yearly explosion of white, the skies started clouding over, making way for a wet Saturday and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Click photo for larger image Read more » about Spring flowers to greet March showers


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