Here's our July 4 schedule and safety tips


Nine-year-old Zachary Pennington, center, and 7-year-old Zachary Black enjoy some pre-July 4 sparklers over the weekend while learning about fireworks safety from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. Note the bucket of water – important for dousing used fireworks. The Kiwanis arranged the get-together, and Beau Levesque, Kevin Osen and Captain Mike Deutsch represented Sac Metro.

July 4 is Rancho Murieta's biggest, best day. The population of the community swells with the parade, the barbecues and, of course, the fireworks. As much fun as the day is, it does require some caution. Here's the schedule for Rancho Murieta's July 4 and some safety measures to protect our children and pets -- and ourselves. Read more »

A chance to learn pickleball Saturday morning

When the Rancho Murieta Association rebuilt the Riverview Park tennis courts, the courts were restriped for tennis and a game with a funny name – pickleball. If you want to learn about pickleball, you'll have a chance 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the new tennis courts when a demonstration will be staged by neighbors who want to get pickleball started in the community. The game is played much like tennis, but the ball is like a wiffle ball and the court is one-third the size of a tennis court. Pickleball is said to be easy to learn and play. The organizers suggest you bring a folding chair. Riverview Park is on Reynosa Drive in the South.

Pride and Joy and lots of songs you know

Pride and Joy

Red square  A gallery with 36 photos from the show and the audience

Bay Area-based Pride and Joy started a whole lot of Murietans dancing Saturday night at Lake Clementia Amphitheater as part of ETC's season of concerts. And why not? The band -- four singers, five musicians -- rolled through Motown, disco, pop soul, funk and more and did hits by the likes of Rick James, Sly and the Family Stone, the Supremes, the Jackson 5 (and Michael Jackson as a solo) and more.

Pride & Joy brings party time to Clementia

Pride and Joy

Pride & Joy has been a popular Bay Area party band for 25 years.

A band that takes its name from a Marvin Gaye song should deliver a certain kind of music, right? Pride & Joy, performing 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Lake Clementia Amphitheater, does not disappoint. Read more »

A Prince-ly start for ETC's season opener

The Purple Ones

Red square Photo gallery: 44 shots of the audience and the show

Talk about getting off on the right foot. ETC's season-kickoff concert Saturday night, featuring Prince tribute band The Purple Ones, packed the dance floor most of the night. The 10-piece Bay Area band tore through Prince's catalogue for the crowd, which ETC said numbered about 600. Next up at the lake: pop and soul with Pride & Joy on June 20.

A morning for trash and for treasure

CRES Trash 'n' Treasure

Saturday morning was a time for junk and valuables -- or Trash 'n' Treasure, as they called it at Cosumnes River Elementary and, below, Murieta Village. The CRES event benefits the school PTA. Each had the usual big crowd at the opening hour, with the CRES parking spilling out onto Jackson Road.

Village Trash 'n' Treasure

We're gonna party like it's Rancho Murieta

Purple Ones

Fans of Prince -- or good, beat-driven music -- will love Saturday's ETC show, with The Purple Ones.

ETC's summer of music kicks off at Lake Clementia Amphitheater Saturday night at 8:30 with The Purple Ones -- a tribute to the music of Prince. Read more »

New format for this year's Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Relay for Life, Rancho Murieta's annual fundraiser to fight cancer, will have a new format this year, event organizers say. Instead of a 24-hour event, this year's will take place July 25 from 4 p.m. to midnight at Stonehouse Park. Read more »

Trash 'n' Treasure coming up May 30

Trash ‘n’ Treasure, the community’s annual yard sales, take place May 30 -- at Murieta Village and Cosumnes River Elementary School. Read more »

Amgen bike tour will disrupt traffic in area

Amgen on Jackson Road

The Amgen tour cyclists make the turn from Stonehouse Road to Jackson Road on a rainy, blustery day in May 2011. Note the traffic being delayed. (Photo by Lynn Baugher)

If you have plans to use Jackson Road or Scott Road early Monday afternoon, you might want to listen up.  The Amgen tour bicyclists will be on Scott Road and even briefly on Jackson Road as part of Monday’s leg of the race. Their route will bring them very close -- but no cigar -- to Rancho Murieta. Read more »

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