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A January morning on Lake Calero

Lake Calero

Jude Gaither shares this shot of Lake Calero, taken Thursday morning, and adds, "I never take beautiful Rancho Murieta for granted."  The springlike warmth we've enjoyed is supposed to continue into next week, with highs in the 60s (but no rain).

Nature's own happy new year

New year flowers

Every winter, these paperwhites pop up at the corner of Rio Blanco Drive and Fuente De Paz, promising the spring that can seem far away on a frosty January morning.  The flowers have their own way of saying happy new year.

Story: New fishing rules go to community

Holiday lights

Two groups of homeowners were honored by the Rancho Murieta Association for having the best holiday lights in Rancho Murieta.  This group is the multi-year winners.

[News brief published Dec. 16] The Rancho Murieta Association board was urged at its monthly meeting Tuesday night to take action against those who break the rules when fishing in community lakes, threatening to damage the lakes for years to come.  The board honored the winners of the RMA’s holiday lights contest and declined to relocate the “Alah” holiday decoration to a spot where it can be monitored around the clock. Read more »

The first bald eagle photos of this season

Eagle's nest

Bald eagleWe never get tired of the photos of bald eagles submitted every winter by members. Here are the first of this season, taken last week by Nick Burton. While we've never taken a decent photo of a bald eagle ourselves, we have SEEN a bald eagle twice in recent weeks without even trying -- in the open space north of Puerto Drive and sitting on an island in the Cosumnes near the pedestrian bridge. Maybe next time we'll be carrying a camera.

Splashes of color on our landscape

Fall colors

In advance of Thursday's rain, neighbor Bill Gengler photographed some of Rancho Murieta's fall color.  "Thought it might be nice to take photos of some of those trees for residents to see before they spend the week raking the leaves off their lawns," he writes. Click here to see a gallery with 13 more of his shots of fall color.

Swans spend the afternoon at Chesbro


A flock of swans paddled gently around Lake Chesbro Sunday afternoon.  With temperatures in the 80s, the afternoon felt more like a Sunday in May than one approaching Thanksgiving.

What it feels like to be odd bird out


Bill (Birdman) Gengler checks in with a photo: "The white pelicans have arrived again and are sharing the lake next to the Equestrian Center on Jackson Road with a few geese.  This is a once-a-year visit to Rancho Murieta during their travels to the ocean.  As you can see, they love to hang together even when they are fishing for food.  And of course you can see that their beaks can hold more than their belly can!  Have a wonderful Rancho Murieta Day."

RM will be sprayed Wednesday for West Nile

Spraying to combat West Nile virus will take place Wednesday evening in Rancho Murieta South, in the area of the drainage basin known as Lost Lake, bordered by Reynosa Drive and the South Course's 5th green. Read more »

Story: Proposal to kill four deer for testing

Kent Fowler

Kent Fowler offers his presentation on deer and Lyme disease at Tuesday's RMA meeting.

[News brief published Aug. 20] The Rancho Murieta Association addressed concerns about the deer population here by hosting a panel with representatives from state departments of Food and Agriculture, Public Health, and Fish and Wildlife at its meeting Tuesday. Read more »

A close encounter with young bobcats


Here's one of the two bobcats spotted near the fourth green on the North Course.

Andy Feldman shares this photo of a young bobcat, taken near the fourth green of the North Course Monday evening.  Here's his story, as offered in an email Tuesday afternoon: Read more »

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