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Mountain lion spotted near Lake Clementia

Mountain lion

A mountain lion sighting was reported in the Lake Clementia area earlier this week, according to Security Chief Greg Remson. Patrol officers checked the area after a witness described seeing a mountain lion cub on the east side of Lake Clementia Monday evening about 7:30 p.m., but did not see the animal, Remson reported in an email. Read more »

The beauties of Rancho Murieta


A new photo contributor, Oscar Vasquez, shares this shot of the moonrise over Lake Calero the other night.  Oscar offers several more photos of Rancho Murieta's beauties, which you can click to see.  Thanks, Oscar, for sharing.  We all might give thanks for the beauty of the place we're lucky enough to call home. Read more »

Yes, it's spring -- just look at these photos


Neighbor Dennis Berg captured this shot of a quail.

Look around. You'll see a lot of springtime in our gardens, as the sprouting grass and blooming flowers will attest.  And there's a lot of liveliness among Rancho Murieta's wildlife too, not to mention our talented photographers, who share a handful of springtime photos here.  (Thanks to Dennis Berg, Steve DeMello, Kirk Ericksen and Bill Gengler.) Read more »

Saturday morning on Lake Calero


Fishermen set out to enjoy a full lake, sunny skies and good fishing Saturday morning at Lake Calero. Recent rains allowed diversions from the Cosumnes River to fill Calero and the other reservoirs to capacity, the Community Services District announced at its meeting this week. But with long-term forecasts predicting the drought will continue, the question is how long the water may have to last, and a 20 percent cutback in water use is still in effect here and throughout the state, the CSD said.

Whoooooooo's that in the tree?


Dennis Berg got this shot of a great horned owl this week on the east side of Clementia.

New wildlife shots in the Photo Galleries

Dennis Berg photo

Anthony Wong's members -- all 2,000-some of you -- are certainly talented. Take a look at these shots, the latest additions to our Photo Galleries. The owl above was photographed by Dennis Berg. You can see more from Dennis' gallery here. The little birds with bright red hairpieces, at right, are among new photos by Anthony Wong. (Maybe someone can do a better job of identification than "little birds with bright red hairpieces.") The galleries have more than 7,000 shots of life and fun in Rancho Murieta. If you've got photos you'd like to add, let us know at

A bald eagle makes it official: Happy new year!


Happy 2014!  Right on time, Bill "Birdman" Gengler checks in with photos of bald eagles in Rancho Murieta: "The eagles have returned for the new year. This one was sitting on a pole between lakes Chesbro and Calero on the last day of 2013. They sure must like the weather this week.  We can surely expect some others to show up soon."

Making plans for Thanksgiving Day


Maybe figuring there's strength in numbers, turkeys gathered on the 12th tee of the North Course Wednesday morning.  Despite any reservations the turkeys may have, here's wishing you -- and all of Rancho Murieta -- a happy Thanksgiving.

Seasonal visitors to our lakes


Photographer Bill (Birdman) Gengler shares photos of pelicans and a note: "These American White Pelicans have been hanging around Lake Calero for about a week.  As you can see, they don't dive for food but dip their bills in the water while swimming.  They are usually found in flocks such as the one pictured in these photos.  They don't travel or feed by themselves. In the fall they can be found on the West Coast and in the Southern states. They are noted for their huge neck pouches, which led to the saying: 'The bill of a pelican can hold more than its belly can.'  You need to see them before they hit the road.  Have a Rancho Murieta day."  See more of Bill's pelican photos.

Three pelicans

Dead birds with West Nile virus found in RM


Two dead birds found in Rancho Murieta tested positive for West Nile virus, the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District said Friday. Read more »

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