Nature and wildlife

Some of Rancho Murieta's winter wildlife

Ringed-neck pheasant

Bill (Birdman) Gengler got a few hours of sunshine this week and found some beautiful birds at Lake Calero. From Bill: "The first two photos are the very beautiful ring-neck pheasant, which came from Asia and settled in the East. Some of them moved West and can be found in small areas of central California and larger areas in Washington and Oregon." Click to see more. Read more »

Red at night, sailor's delight...


Taking its cue from our turning trees, Thursday's sunset was a spectacular light show.

An autumn chill (and turkeys) in the air

Turkeys in tree

Bill (Birdman) Gengler branches out today with some shots of Rancho Murieta's autumn colors, and this is the only one with turkeys. Maybe we're not Vermont, but every fall we get some exceptional red and blush-colored trees. The next week is forecast to be dry with chilly nights, which means our trees may get brighter still. Share your photos or drop us a line with the location of a remarkable tree. Just email Start by taking a look at Bill's offerings. Read more »

Finding Murieta beauty at every turn

Walking Joaquin

Dixie Kieffer shares this shot and a simple message: Walking group enjoys the beauty of where we live on Laguna Joaquin.

Family ties, Rancho Murieta edition


Reliable correspondent Bill (Natureman) Gengler provides a handful of family-oriented wildlife shots taken in Rancho Murieta and this note: "Of course the white pelicans made their yearly stop in the lake next to the Equestrian Center and the other creatures were roaming our streets with their kids.  I don't know which gate they came in, but they seem to be enjoying it here." Don't miss Bill's second photo, of the deer, which you can see if you click to continue. Read more »

Bald eagles bring wilderness to your backyard


Many of you have shared terrific shots of bald eagles at our back lakes, but here's a first rarity: A terrific photo of bald eagles taken at Laguna Joaquin. Andrew Robison took this Friday morning on the lake, behind Carreta Lane. Robison said he has seen fish carcasses beneath the tree, so maybe the eagles are feeding on the lake's carp.

Of swans, quails and little goats' tails

Swans and babies

Bill (Birdman) Gengler has been making the rounds, and he has the nature shots to prove it. First up: An update on the rapidly growing mute swan babies. "Must be from all the seaweed/pondweeds they are are sharing with their parents at Bass Lake," he writes. Read more »

Floating on a lazy river on Mother's Day

Lazy river

Frank Falusi captured a photo of kayakers and shares this info: "Mother's Day I took some photos of two kayakers on the Cosumnes River.  The pair of them were having a great time together and I thought you might like to see the photos. Nothing remarkable, just life in RM. They said their names are Randy and son Isaac Steele of RM."

The beauty of nature outside our doors


BluejayLeave it to Bill Gengler to find the beauty in the nature all around us -- from an exotic egret, above, to a backyard bluejay. He writes, "A recent Bee featured an article and photographs about going out and viewing birds on the American River and other places in Northern California.  Just thought I would send you this large package of Rancho Murieta birds that residents can view without traveling around the valley or going down to the American River.  All of these pictures were taken inside Rancho Murieta or at the Equestrian Center in 2015. No bald eagles included." The photos are in the latest Bill Gengler gallery, viewable here.

Little Murieta swans all in a row

Swan babies

Bill (Birdman) Gengler's latest: "Here is an update on the Mute Swan Family.  Mom and Pop seem to like what they have produced and have already taught them how to listen to their parents and march in line to the beat of their drums. Have a good day."

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