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RMA addresses geese and midge-fly problems

[Brief published April 19] The Rancho Murieta Association board last week approved a low-cost effort to address problems with Canada geese at Lake Clementia and heard a report on approaches to clean the midge flies out of Laguna Joaquin. Read more »

An explosion of spring flowers on Pera

Pera poppies

Beth Buderus took this photo of a poppies riot on Pera Drive the other day. She says it's one of several homes where this spring's poppies have gone crazy. You can click the photo to see a larger image.

Birdman family portrait – and a presentation

Mute swans

Bill (Birdman) Gengler offers this family portrait and a note: "it looks like Mother Mute Swan let her babies out of the family's Bass Lake nest she has been sitting in for weeks. And mom and dad are swimming around with them on the lake.  Nice looking group!" Bill Gengler, along with 160 nature photos and his wealth of knowledge, will be addressing the Kiwanis Club at 7 p.m. tonight at the Villas Clubhouse. The public is invited. Birdman adds, "I will also answer questions about how easy it was to take these pictures and how the attendees might be able to do the same thing with very reasonably priced cameras and iPhones."

A hillside filled with the colors of spring


It sure was springtime Thursday afternoon around Lake Clementia, where the hillsides were alive with wildflowers.

Watching and waiting over the nest

Swan's nest

Bill (Birdman) Gengler shares a photo and a note: "The bald eagle is still hanging out in its tree on Lake Clementia. Maybe building another nest, we hope.  But it wouldn't be the only one around Clementia.  Another of our bird residents, the mute swan, has built a nest at Bass Lake where previous nest residents have delivered young chicks. Dad and mom are waiting for the new kids to swim with them."

Birdman shares a Clementia eagle sighting

Clementia eagle

Bill (Birdman) Gengler shares this photo and note: "The Eagle is back in the tree at Clementia.  Took this picture at 6 p.m. Wednesday from the party area parking lot all the way across the lake. Have a long 65x optical lens on my Canon. The Birdman is pretty happy as well as the rest of the nature lovers in Rancho."

RMA is open to gate discussion – but not yet

The Rancho Murieta Association board of directors seemed open to a community conversation about what kind of gate would be best at Escuela Drive when Stonehouse Road is improved – but some directors at Tuesday night's board meeting thought it’s too soon to be talking. The board also continued its conversations about problems with geese at Lake Clementia. Read more »

After the storm, still in Murieta...


After the weekend storms, and the loss of the eagles' nest, Paul Wallace got this shot Tuesday at Lake Clementia.

The Cosumnes racing under Yellow Bridge

Yellow Bridge

The recent storms have the Cosumnes moving rapidly again, as neighbor Frank Falusi found Tuesday when he got this photo of rafters passing under the Yellow Bridge (with a cart scooting across overhead).

Will RMA fix geese problem by killing them?


The geese at Lake Clementia are a problem the RMA wants to address.

Under an agenda item titled “Wildlife Permit for Lake Clementia,” the Rancho Murieta Association board last week discussed obtaining permits to kill the geese that foul the Lake Clementia beach and grassy areas. The board also held a lengthy discussion with the North developer about the community’s trails system. Read more »

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