RanchoMurieta.com is Now Closed

RanchoMurieta.com has ceased publication as of Aug. 2, after 19 years of covering the news of our community.

For the time being, you will still be able to view this site in read only mode.

Thank you for your kind responses to Ralph’s health situation. We’re happy to report he’s much improved and expects to make a full recovery. We’ll see you around the neighborhood.

– Karen Muldoon and Ralph Frattura

RMA supports effort to build skate park

Progress on three projects took center stage at the Rancho Murieta Association board meeting Tuesday – the skateboard park, the Country Club's plans for Bass Lake, and the cable system's move towards digital broadcasting.

Photo: Music by the lake

Hundreds of people turned out at Lake Clementia Amphitheater Saturday for a concert that began in a breezy afternoon and continued into the evening. Friends of the Perez family organized the fundraiser for resident Alberto Perez, who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and is unable to work while undergoing dialysis and seeking a kidney donor.

CSD cited for odors as 17-year buildup of sludge is blamed for smells in South

A 17-year accumulation of sludge in a wastewater treatment pond has been revealed as the source of smells that plague areas of the South, Community Services District General Manager Ed Crouse said at Wednesday's board meeting. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a notice of violation to the CSD regarding the odors this week.

CSD apologizes, says discolored water was accidental result of pump tests

The Community Services District reports the discolored tap water residents on the North began seeing Monday is the result of sediment on the bottom of the Rio Oso water tank that was stirred up as an unforeseen consequence of pump tests the district conducted.

Third report of mountain lion sighting in RM North

[Updated June 19, 2007] Security received two reports of mountain lion sightings in Rancho Murieta North Monday morning and a third sighting reported at sundown.


No traffic incidents reported on Murieta commuter roads

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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