Caltrans says no to 45 mph on Hwy. 16

Despite requests from community organizations, the state Department of Transportation says it won’t reduce the Highway 16 speed limit from 55 to 45 mph in the Rancho Murieta area. Nonetheless, county Supervisor Sue Frost says she will look into an appeal of the decision or legislation to make it happen. Read more »

Domestic bliss, atop a Rancho Murieta tree

EagletPaul Anderson, eagle photographer par excellence, shares photos and this dispatch from Lake Clementia: "Happy to report Rancho Murieta has two large baby eagles in the nest. I was out there late Sunday. The male eagle was standing guard for most of the time I was there.  Mom flew in to the nest and shortly thereafter the male eagle flew away. Literally within two minutes of leaving the nest he flew back into the nest with dinner. I was not able to capture what he caught, but most likely a fish. Now, that’s fast food!" (Click photos to see larger images)

Effort to buy undeveloped land is dead

The six-month-long community effort to buy undeveloped land and the Country Club property has ended, the Rancho Murieta Association board said in a brief announcement Tuesday night. Read more »

Dick Silvis, RMA election official, dies at 86

Dick SilvisRichard “Dick” Silvis, Rancho Murieta’s longtime inspector of elections, died Thursday at age 86. “The trust and comfort that the community had with him as the elections official was very important,” said one of his election co-workers. Read more »

RVT dismisses columnist after protests

The River Valley Times says it is parting ways with columnist Marcia Courson after last week’s column was read by many as advocating a curfew for black men. Read more »


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