Teen drivers acknowledge skid marks on Lago came from racing

When a car's lengthy skid marks appeared on Lago Drive last week, they prompted questions. 

Security logs, Jan. 31-Feb. 11

Here are the community's complete Security logs for Jan. 31-Feb. 11, as released to the public. CSD Security edits the logs to remove names and specific addresses before releasing the information.

Increase in CSD rates looks likely

Director of administration resigns
Vote urged for new Security officer and tax increase

Residents can expect an increase in their monthly bill for water, sewer, drainage, security and garbage collection services as the Community Services District begins work on its 2008-2009 budget.

Community vote says RMA cable should be optional

Cable count

John Weatherford and George Roper, proponents of a proposal to make basic cable TV service optional, observed as a committee led by Richard Silvis, left, counted votes on the issue Tuesday at the Rancho Murieta Association Building. The committee -- Richard and Mary Silvis, Bob Pritchard, Bob Andrews and Dick Stevens -- began counting the 1,030 votes at 9 a.m. and finished at noon. The RMA released the results of the advisory vote in the early evening. The RMA reported the vote was 806 yes (RMA cable should be optional) and 224 no. That's 78 percent favoring optional participation.

Murietans need to report even the smallest crimes, volunteers say

The volunteers who staff the James L. Noller Safety Center have a message for the community -- if a crime occurs, even a small one, report it.


Scott Road is Open  
Deer Creek levels

No traffic incidents reported on Murieta commuter roads

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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