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Karen Muldoon and Ralph Frattura 

As voting is closed, RMA completes cable improvements

Against a backdrop of controversy and criticism, efforts to improve the Rancho Murieta Association cable system have moved forward and are nearing completion.

Cut phone line on Guadalupe repaired

Phone repair

An AT&T repairman does his job Wednesday evening on Guadalupe Drive.

[Updated 8 p.m. Feb. 6] AT&T personnel began repairs Wednesday evening to restore phone service after an unmarked telephone line was severed by Rancho Murieta Association workers.

Small Claims Court rules against RMA in exclusive use lawsuit

Sacramento Small Claims Court has ruled in favor of neighbor Wilbur Haines' lawsuit against the Rancho Murieta Association's interpretation of requirements to grant exclusive uses of common land. adds maps from Google is now offering Google Maps that showcase real estate for sale in the area and points of community interest.

You'll see maps for homes and acreage on the market as well as rental properties. There are also maps that locate community landmarks -- especially useful for newcomers -- and a photo map of community scenery. This feature will continue to evolve, and, as always, your suggestions are welcome. Click here to see.

CSD will examine new community government, more Security staffing

The Community Services District will start looking at different ways the community can be governed in the future and consider adding another patrol officer to the Security force.


Scott Road is Open  
Deer Creek levels

Currently 1 traffic incidents on Murieta commuter roads

  • 12:33 PM
    Traffic Collision (No injuries)
    US50 East / Watt Ave South onramp

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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