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Karen Muldoon and Ralph Frattura 

RMA will keep $88,000 it took from parks funds to pay legal bills

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A tie vote in the Parks Committee means the Rancho Murieta Association will keep $88,000 in parks funds it took to reimburse itself for legal expenses for the pedestrian bridge.

Can Parks Committee exclude RMA members from its meetings?

As part of a conversation at last week's Parks Committee meeting, Rancho Murieta Association Director Mike Martel, an RMA representative to the committee, asked whether the Parks Committee is required to let the public watch it in action.

Grief recovery workshop starts Feb. 12

Rancho Murieta Community Church is offering a six-week, faith-based grief recovery workshop. The first class takes place Tuesday, Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to noon at the church's facilities on Murieta Drive next to the fire station.

Patricia Anderson, widow of Fred Anderson, dies at 82

Patricia D. Anderson was the matriarch of a family that is as much a part of Rancho Murieta as the airport and the equine center they own. She was the wife of the late Fred Anderson, the founder of Pacific Coast Building Products, who helped to put the community on the map by sponsoring the Sacramento International Airshow and golfing events in the 1980s.

CRES parent meetings rescheduled for Feb. 7 and 12

Meetings for parents about the new school proposal have been rescheduled from Jan. 30 and 31 to Feb. 7 and 12, Cosumnes River Elementary School Principal Michael Gulden said Friday.


Scott Road is Open  
Deer Creek levels

Currently 3 traffic incidents on Murieta commuter roads

  • 1:31 PM
    Traffic Collision (unknown injuries)
    US50 West / Exit 4a I5 connector
  • 1:25 PM
    Traffic Hazard
    US50 East / Jefferson Blvd offramp
  • 1:10 PM
    Traffic Collision (No injuries)
    Sunrise Blvd / Winding Way

Traffic map: Jackson Road traffic speeds and all Sacramento incidents

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