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Just came in the North gate a bit ago.  Since I haven't been outside the community in over a week I am not sure when this happened.  There is a Christmas wreath on the guard 'shack'.  WHY are they pushing the season?

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All my newpaper inserts reflect Christmas sales.....no mention of Thanksgiving.  What is wrong with this picture....and the world.   I would complain to someone but apparently no one is listening...or cares.  Why are 'you' (the world) all rushing to the edge?  

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The rush to Christmas

Well Jan, it's all about money....supprised ???  It's the retail organizations that are worried about their sales.....no one shops on Thanksgiving....right !!!!  So that's what the world has come to....forgetting to be grateful for all we have and instead running to spend money on things we don't need......sad isn't it !!!!!! 

Happy Holidays to you

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Christmas in Nov

I just heard the tradition to advertise Christmas early was started during WWII so loved ones can shop & mail packages to their deployed in time. So nice! I've talked with store owners and their hands are tied, if they wait - they lose sales. I personally do not mind since I could use all the time to prepare I can get. Grateful for people holding off on Christmas music though. As for the wreath on the guard shack, I would guess it's there because they are starting to decorate and it takes a long time. Thankful for our community! 

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