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The Rancho Murieta Association encourages you to turn in your ballot for the RMA election if you haven’t already. They’ve still got a ways to go to make the necessary election quorum.

Here’s the RMA’s request: “The RMA inspectors of election report that approximately 700 ballots have been received as of today. 180 more ballots must be received by Nov. 30 for the Tally Committee to count the votes. Please get your ballots in before the Thanksgiving holiday is here – we’d all rather think about a delicious turkey dinner than ballots and voting. If you’ve lost your ballot or don’t remember if you’ve voted, call RMA at 354-3500 for a ballot.  We’ll mail one to you.  Help us make quorum TODAY!  Thanks!”

There are four candidates running for three seats. The four:

  • Stephanie Bianchi, a nurse practitioner
  • Joanne Brandt, a retired project manager
  • James Crowder, a retired United Parcel Service manager
  • Tom Reimers, a retired state worker 

Here’s coverage of last month’s RMA Candidates Night meeting.

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RMA Voting

As a community member, your vote counts. This election costs everyone, it comes out of our HOA dues. Review the RMA candidates night to help educate yourself on who to vote for. Your voice counts.

Jim Crowder, RMA candidate

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