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A man was arrested Sunday in Rancho Murieta North after a report that someone tried to enter a home on Guadalupe Drive.

According to Rancho Murieta Security logs, a suspect was arrested by the Sheriff’s Department and charged with public intoxication and possession of methamphetamine. The Sheriff’s Department was not available Monday to share further information about the arrest, despite repeated attempts to reach the department.

Peggie Miller-Gear said the incident began around 10 a.m., when she saw a man in her yard, which faces the 13th fairway of the North Course.

“This guy was so bold, and he was methodical in what he was doing,” she said in an interview Sunday. “He walked past, went directly to our double French doors, which open into the living room, didn’t even hesitate, to look inside and assess. He just immediately went to open up the door....”

That’s when she told her husband, Earl, that someone was trying to get into the house. They called Security and provided a description of the man in their yard.

The man jumped the fence “and kinda started walking towards the Parkway, in that direction, but he kinda stopped and hesitated ... and walked directly across the fairway to the houses on the other side,” Miller-Gear said. “But he was so calm. He was not in a hurry. He was not like some frantic, crazy person.”

Miller-Gear said the man stood on the other side of the fairway, assessing the Pescado Circle backyards. Meanwhile, she was on the phone with Security, telling them the man’s location. She believes he must have seen a Security car pass, because he jumped into the ditch that runs behind the  homes on Pescado.

She said the man remained in that area a long time. She saw him in the ditch, moving down toward Lago Drive, and called Security back to keep them apprised. “I’m waiting, waiting, waiting,” for something to happen, she said, and a half-hour later she called Security again and was told the man had been arrested by sheriff’s deputies.

She shared the concern that the new North Gate is unsafe because it’s farther back from Jackson Highway than the previous gate. “Anybody can just walk in or out,” she said. She added, “Nobody stops you. Nobody.”

She was pleased with Security’s handling of the situation. “Security was great,” she said. “...It made me feel comfortable and happy that they did not just take it lightly, and they didn’t look for five or 10 minutes and say, OK, we can’t find him.”

Did the morning teach her something worth sharing?

“I think we live in a false sense of security,” she said, saying many people she knows leave their doors unlocked. “The lesson I’ve learned is: If I’m home, or I’m gone, all my doors are going to be locked.”

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Break-in suspect was admitted as guest

Security Chief Jeff Werblun adds this comment:

Peggie Miller-Gear makes a valid point and a reminder for all residents; Lock your houses and cars always. Most of the thefts in Rancho Murieta behind the gates are from unlocked cars and houses and open garages. Simply closing and locking your doors will prevent theft of opportunity.

After thoroughly searching the area for the suspect, he was found by Security, hiding in some bushes near the North Gate. Security stood by with the suspect until SSD arrived. The suspect who was arrested was a guest of a resident who lived in the area where this occurred. He had been admitted as a guest earlier.  

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