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Mark Pecotich discusses the Rancho Murieta Association board's projects list for 2019.

The Rancho Murieta Association board spent almost two hours Wednesday night planning potential 2019 projects, everything from pickleball courts to speed enforcement to a new business offering watercraft on Lake Clementia.  The board is expected to deliver its preliminary go-ahead on projects they choose at Tuesday’s board meeting. In the meantime, here’s a look at what they’re considering, and the cost of each, so you can be part of the conversation, either here or at the meeting.

To start, here are a few facts to help you get your bearings:

  • Each $1 added to member dues raises $28,092 a year in RMA funds. Members currently pay $139 a month in dues. (This year's budget prompted a dues increase of $4 per month.)
  • Already in the 2019 budget is a $28,000 installment payment for the Escuela gate and $25,000 for turf replacement at Stonehouse Park. 
  • General Manager Greg Vorster told the board he is projecting a 3 percent increase for staff wages. When you figure in tasks that will be completed this year and additional expenses next year, Vorster said the 2019 budget has a net monthly dues increase of $1.70 per household, or 1.2 percent, right out of the gate.

Beyond that, here are potential 2019 projects and reactions by RMA directors and the handful of residents who were in the audience:

Stonehouse Park re-sod, Phase 3

Cost: $25,000, or $0.84 per member per month
Notes: $25,000 is already allocated in the 2019 budget. Staff would like to accelerate the final phase of the re-sod project to 2019. This would require an additional $25,000 in the 2019 budget for a total of  $50,000.

Vorster shared photos as part of his presentation, including, in this case, a shot of dirt patches – possibly dangerous – in the Stonehouse turf. In response to questions, he said these fields were last addressed 15 or 20 years ago. At the suggestion of artificial turf, Vorster said artificial surfaces are expensive, very hot and need replacing within 10 years.

Add one full-time employee to the Maintenance Department 

Cost: $26,000, or $0.85 per member per month
Notes: Maintenance manager and the Maintenance Committee have recommended this. With the additional employee, RMA would reduce the number of temporary hours budgeted, reducing the budgetary impact to $26,000.

Maintenance Manager Rod Hart said RMA is spending $40,000 to $50,000 a year on temporary help in this category. 

Addition of one pickleball court

Option 1: Convert the existing basketball court to a pickleball court. Cost: $10,000, which includes fencing, nets and striping, or $0.36 per member per month
Option 2: Construct a new pickleball court at Stonehouse Park between the dog park and the community garden. Cost: $50,000, $1.78 per member per month

Director Cheryl McElhany said any construction of a new pickleball court should be at least partially funded by those who play the game. Director Larry Shelton noted that community opinion has been voiced on this question, but there was no one to speak on it at the meeting. The board noted that the universe of pickleball players in the community appears to be fewer than 50 and that the existing courts don’t seem to get much use. Director Stephanie Bianchi said she opposed the stance of pickleballers at last month’s RMA meeting who seemed to view the courts as available only for pickleball. Director Rob Brown responded that the courts should be free for other uses but shouldn’t be abused by other users.

Neighbor Jennifer Wertzer, saying she represents a large group of mothers in the community, opposed taking the Stonehouse Park basketball court to expand pickleball facilities and said the mothers would have opposed last year’s building of the pickleball courts if they’d known about it. She called the pickleball facility “a complete eyesore” and said an expansion “would cut our park in two.” Another neighbor, Stephanie Xenos, said she doesn’t see much pickleball use and she suggested the pickleball players approach Summerfest about support.

Neighbor Mark Pecotich, who’s also the Community Services District’s board president, made a point of the number of players the pickleballers claim and how this situation lines up with a situation he was involved in – the building and operation of the bicycle pump track at Riverview Park. That park was closed because RMA directors didn’t see it being used much and because it carried a hefty insurance bill.

Speed enforcement measures

Cost: $3,200 for speed humps and $37,500 for radar gun trailers. Money would be taken from reserve funds, which total nearly $52,000, so there would be no budget impact.
Notes: Staff is recommending the addition of speed humps on Pera on either side of the Pera/Escuela path and the purchase of three radar trailers with license plate recognition that would record speeders’ license plates 24/7.

Vorster said speed humps – a small increase in the road’s surface, unlike a speed bump, which is a large increase – would be portable and could be relocated as needed. As for the radar trailer, “It frees up your security or compliance guys to focus on stop signs....”

Director Jim Crowder welcomed the speed humps and trailers. “One good thing about speed trailers is they’re 24/7,” he said. “And no manpower. They can be moved to whatever ... street is having an issue. For some yahoo who’s going to go blowing down Pera or Puerto at 2 or 3 in the morning, guess what? Smile.” Shelton said there are problems now because months went by with little enforcement of traffic rules. In recent weeks, with the return of enforcement, the problem has been brought under control, he said, eliminating the need for measures like these. McElhany replied that it will take both prevention and enforcement.

At the outset of the meeting, CSD board president Pecotich, whose own board was meeting at the same time a mile away on Jackson Road, urged the RMA to work with the CSD to achieve common goals. He mentioned some of CSD’s challenges – Murietans don’t want to pay more for Security services and limits on how much CSD can increase its security tax. “Let’s talk about opportunities,” he said. “Let’s figure out how to work together on this as boards.”

Escuela gate passive entry

Cost: $28,000, or $1 per member per month
Notes: The Escuela gate is currently on a four-year funding cycle. 2019 will be Year 3, and $28,000 is in the current 2019 proposed budget. If the board wishes to accelerate the funding of construction of the passive gate, an addition $28,000 would be added to the 2019 budget.

Pecotich encouraged the RMA board to look at the CSD security study before making this decision. (The study's survey found a majority of the community wants a staffed, not passive, gate at Escuela, and Pecotich has expressed his agreement.) 

Shelton asked questions about the construction timetable, and how it might fit into the budget cycle, and the board and staff discussed the possibility of a three-way stop at the Escuela/Stonehouse intersection. Bianchi encouraged staff to do some comprehensive studies of the gate situation and how the timing might be tied to development, and Vorster said those studies have been done.

Electronic display sign

Cost: $12,000, or $0.43 per member per month
Notes: 4-by-8-foot, single-sided electronic display for messaging to the community.

Vorster explained that the sign, displaying community messages, would be installed outside the RMA office. Alex Bauer, board president, called it part of a larger communications effort. Acknowledging that it wouldn’t be seen easily by South residents, he said it could be a first step, with a second sign on the South or out on Jackson Road, if that’s allowed.

Patio cover at Lake Clementia and loop sidewalk

Cost: $20,500 for material and $13,080 for labor, for a total of $33,580, or $1.20 per member per month for total project or $0.73 per member per month for materials only
Notes: This is a staff-identified project consisting of a new 6-foot-wide, wheelchair-accessible sidewalk from the covered patio at Clementia Park to the swim beach, overlay of existing patio slab and installation of solid metal roof. RMA can provide labor.

Hart, the maintenance manager, said the existing patio slab has a structural problem that causes water to puddle there much of the year, creating a dangerous situation. Further, Hart said more trees are needed in the area. 

Motorcycle parking area

Cost: Constructing the 9,440-square-foot parking lot would cost about $75,000, or $2.67 per member per month
Notes: The Compliance Committee is requesting the board revisit relocating the motorcycle parking area from the Gazebo parking lot across Lago Drive between Murieta Parkway and the spillway. The lot would accommodate 16 cars and 24 motorcycles.

This project, which first surfaced in 2015, didn’t generate much enthusiasm. The idea originated in the Compliance Committee, but even its chair, Crowder, said he couldn’t endorse it. “It’s a very high-dollar item that I just can’t see supporting, I’ll be honest with you,” he said.

Part-time employee for recreation and social media duties

Cost: $30,000, or $1.07 per member per month
Notes: Employee would facilitate more robust social media involvement and assist in duties created by an expanded recreation program.

This part-timer would update the RMA’s website and assist with expanded recreation events, Vorster said. 

Shade covers for playgrounds

Cost: $63,204 at Lake Clementia, or $2.24 per member per month
Cost: $63,017 at Stonehouse Park, or $2.24 per member per month
Cost $40,553 at the Greens Park, or $1.44 per member per month
Total cost: $166,774 for all three, or $5.92 per member per month
Notes: The covers would shade playground equipment from the sun.

In response to a question, Vorster said the project could be separated into one cover a year for three years. Hart, the maintenance manager, said the association could expect a 10-year life from the structures. Bianchi said the community’s playgrounds are unusable during hot afternoons because they’re so sun-struck, so these covers would be useful much of the year.

Summer watercraft rentals

Cost: $33,479, to be offset by revenue
Notes: The Recreation Committee wants to rent 14 watercraft on Lake Clementia from June to August from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily

Vorster said the idea is to offer paddle boats, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. The operation, charging $25 an hour for rental, would be staffed with part-time employees, he said. His business-plan calculations assumed 12 rentals each weekday and 24 each weekend day, which would generate enough revenue to cover the project's expenses.

Director Joanne Brandt said she thought the projections were unrealistic because most people who use the lake have their own boats and there aren’t that many people at the lake at all on weekdays. Shelton said he agreed and suggested the idea start on a smaller scale. McElhany said she doubts people would pay $25 an hour. 

“I love the idea of that,” Brown said of the project, suggesting the numbers might need another look. His support was seconded by Xenos, who agreed that weekdays might be a problem for the business. But she said she would happily pay “whatever the going rate is” to use a paddle board, and she said many members of the community agree with her.

At the start of the session, Vorster listed projects that have been completed this year – the new sidewalk at the Greens Park, a new playground and sidewalk at Lake Clementia, the post-and-cable fencing being installed now at Stonehouse Park, new lights at the dog park (thanks to Summerfest donation), new turf at Stonehouse, new playground equipment at Stonehouse, the new Summerfest Sports Field on Escuela Drive and the new dog park at Riverview Park.

The board will hold its regular meeting 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the RMA Building.

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Wake up and speak out South residents!

$12 per month to fund Projects on the North, leaving the South behind as always

Stonehouse Park re-sod, Phase 3 – Project on the North

Addition of one pickleball court – Project on the North

Speed enforcement measures – Project on the North

Escuela gate passive entry – Project on the North

Electronic display sign – Project on the North

Patio cover at Lake Clementia and loop sidewalk –Project on the North

Motorcycle parking area- Project on the North

Shade covers for playgrounds – 2/3 of the project on the North

Only two items regarding both the North and South for more employees

Wake up and speak out South residents! One of the reasons why the homes on the North are higher priced per square foot the than the South are all the amenities on the North.  While we have access to all of them most people know others who have moved from the South to the North to be closer to the good amenities. People will counter there is more available space on the North. There is plenty here. Our HOA has gone after developer owned land in the North, but is hesitant in the South. Ask what percentage of our dues goes to mainten the North. Far beyond the percentage of the population.

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Kayak / stand-up paddle board rental...

I've been on the Rec Committee for at least 15yrs.  I was at the meeting in July when the committee DID NOT VOTE IN FAVOR of RMA running the kayak / paddle-board rental.  In fact, the vote was to have a company come in here and provide the boats, staffing, insurance, and other ancilary equipment (life-vests, oars).  The rental company needs to make $4000.00 A DAY, from the way I understood it, and they required RMA guarantee that to them.  So, you do the math...even at $40/hour, you need 100 people to rent.  

What is important here, THE RECREATION COMMITTEE DID NOT VOTE FOR RMA TO TAKE THIS ON AS A 'BUSINESS'!!  The vote was to have a company come in so the committee could guage the actual interest, with the thought that perhaps it could be an 'amenity'.

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RMA Wish List

I read the suggestions with great interest. Clearly, the speeding issue and suggested solution should be number 1 on everyone’s wish list as that is the issue that has troubled residents forever. $30,000 for a part-time Recreation assistant is clearly a significant waste of money. I would ask that the BOD consider contacting local colleges for an internship.In addition, there is a large cadre of community residents reportedly eager to volunteer. 

No new homes are on the drawing board and there has been little discussion of their imminent arrival. I believe that fact can leave the Escuela Gate issue where it is in budgetary planning and not push it up a year.

Good luck to the Boatd in resolving the upcoming year’s budget.

Bobbi Belton

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Rec Commitee - Rentals

As the Rec Committee Chair this idea was presented and passed 9-1. The discussion was to trial the program. If successful multiple bids would be considered and then the issue readdressed. The price discussed was one bid merely as a ballpark figure. If this is not discussed as a potential goal of the Board and Rec Committee in 2019 then it would not be able to proceed. The committees vote should stand as a representation of potential interest in this activity. Furthermore this is being presented as a break even event to the association. Rental fees cover cost. The fine details would still need to be readdressed at Committee and again at a Board meeting.


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Trying to cause division..

Alicia, your comments about the North getting all the improvements is simply not true...the water park, and the new park that was just completed as an sample.. The bike park that wasn't used is maybe going to be used for a pickle court. All of the improvements being discussed are either for Stonehouse Park or Lake Clementia which you and all other residences who live on the South will be able to utilize and, need I remind you the North was built first and has the lakes for all of our water needs and Stonehouse Park was the first park to be built for all residences and became the sports complex as time went on. The South also has tennis courts that the North doesn't have unless you belong to the Country Club. 

It seems to me that in this turbulent angry time, making something  out of nothing, and trying to generate anger and resentment, doesn't seem very productive. 

Myrna Solomon

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I'm not a pickleball player but I would like to mention, that I doubt anyone would be playing pickleball or tennis in the heat of the day.  So unless you go over early morning, you might not see any players which is skewing the viewpoint.   Also, again, not a pickleball player, I just recently went over to Stonehouse Park to see what all the fuss was about.  So I understand there were 4 basketball hoops, one has been converted already leaving 3 and now another one wants to be converted, leaving 2.  Again, just an observation.  How many kids or adults are out there at one time playing basketball requiring more than 1 or 2 courts?  Are there Basketball courts at the Gazebo?  Is there anywhere else to put a basketball court that is already paved that wouldn't be big enough for a pickleball court?  

Your comments