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RMA winners

Video of RMA annual meeting (17 minutes)

The community's penchant for close elections continued Thursday night, as voters returned two incumbents to the Rancho Murieta Association board of directors in results announced at the RMA’s annual meeting. It was a brief gathering with about 20 people in attendance.

The vote totals, as announced by Ken Poole, the RMA's inspector of elections:

  • Cheryl McElhany: 639
  • Larry Shelton: 576
  • Danny Carrillo: 556

Poole said 1,040 votes were cast, or 44.8 percent of the community's households.

"I'm actually kind of surprised," Shelton said after the meeting, "and the vote was extremely close. I think Danny (Carrillo) will make a good director one of these days. I appreciate his energy and enthusiasm." McElhany sounded a similar note. "I'm totally, totally amazed," she said. "I thought it was going to be different, let's put it that way."

More about the winners, who will serve their second and final three-year term:

  • McElhany is a retired educator and head of two of the community’s largest organizations – Entertainment, Theatre & Culture, which stages summer entertainment at Lake Clementia, and Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces, which works to influence development to protect lakes and open spaces.
  • Shelton is a retired environmental scientist who has been involved in the community’s water issues, addressing concerns about the area around Laguna Joaquin, where he lives. This past summer, he also staged, out of his own pocket, entertainment events at the Gazebo.

Board President Alex Bauer listed the association's accomplishments this year, which included a new dog park, modular restrooms at Lake Clementia, fencing at Stonehouse Park and the relocation of bus stops.

During the public comments part of the meeting, Pat Rooney complained about the treatment of the South as "a stepchild" and about speeding on community streets.

Vote-counting continues in the Community Services District election, with more results expected Friday. The race there is tight for the third board seat.

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Thanks to those who voted for

Thanks to those who voted for your continued support to improve our community.  We had a very strong turnout.


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I hope all are happy with a no development RMA board. That's what we have now. 

Dick Silvas, you are missed in the process.

John Hein

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Pro- or Anti-development


I have cautioned you before about placing a label on me about being anti-develpment.  I support responsibile development. I support preserving open space. I support protecting our water supply.  With intelligent planning we can have it all.  The RMA board is very diverse and open to progressive ideas.  Come to our Board meetings.

People making statements without knowing the facts has become a real problem in our community,

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