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Best timing for Neighborhood Watch meeting?

OK, Rancho Murieta residents, I have a question and need some answers.....regarding the Sheriff Department coming out to give us a Neighborhood Watch presentation. Would you prefer to have it this month or wait until January to have it??? I know everyone is busy with the holiday coming and SSD is re-assigning some folks in their departments so I'm not sure who will be able to come out and do a presentation. Give me your thoughts and when you think it will be the best time and I will arrange it.


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Neighborhood Watch coordination

It might be best to coordinate with other entities within the community that are concerned about community security and safety, specifically RMA and RMCSD.  Those agencies will be pursuing joint security committee meetings later in January.  Pursuing a separate community resident neighborhood watch meeting with the Sac Sheriff before those joint security meetings may not provide attendees with as much information as it could otherwise.

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 The sooner, the better


My thought is the sooner the better. Based on recent occurrences near the front lake, there certainly seems to be an immediate need to get interested parties together to talk about these issues. 

Afternoons and evenings are best for me but can make anytime work.



Tony A.

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Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Hold the meeting ASAP. Folks have expressed so much concern that there should be a full house - not a time for excuses.

Bobbi Belton

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Maybe CSD & RMA Committee Members Should Attend SSD NW Meeting?

Mr. Clark, 

It might be best to have CSD & RMA committee members attend the SSD Neighborhood Watch Meeting, whenever it is, to see what the lead law enforcement agency for our community recommends for the safety & security of the residents of Rancho Murieta!

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Neighborhood Watch meeting


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