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Thanks Ralph and Karen!

Thank you Ralph and Karen for your years of dedication to the Community!  Sad to see RM.COM go. 

A reminder to residents to check RMCSD.COM regularly for news, alerts and updates related to Security, Water, Wastewater (Sewer), Drainage and Solid Waste (Garbage).

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A Job Well Done

Oh how I will miss RanchoMurieta.com, or as we all call it “Dot Com.” This website provided us with the most important and informative Rancho Murieta news for decades.

But what I will miss most are the two people who reported that news. While we were all at all the events and having fun, Karen and Ralph were taking pictures and writing stories about us and they always reported those stories fairly.  I saw them everywhere. For example, on July 4th, they were up at 5:00 am and they were still around the lake at midnight. On the old Channel 5, they reported on the history of Rancho Murieta in a multi-part series.  The true historians of Rancho Murieta are Karen and Ralph.

Karen and Ralph, thank you for everything you have done for Rancho Murieta and enjoy your new roles as observers and not reporters. I hope to see you soon at these events having a blast! You certainly deserve it!

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Are you back?  

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