Murieta Health Club

7281 Lone Pine Drive, D105, Rancho Murieta

(located in Murieta Plaza)

4 a.m.-10 p.m. daily | OPEN GYM: 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily

Visit our state-of-the-art facility and join us for personal training, yoga and Pilates classes, and everything you need for an active, healthy lifestyle.

We're as close as the Plaza!

Erin Howard
Personal Trainer NCSA-PT, owner

Erin HowardWith Murieta Health Club from the beginning, she is a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Pilates Coach. She works with a variety of clients, from athletes to seniors, as well as teaching group classes.

Murieta Health Club now offering
Silver & Fit Memberships through participating health insurance companies.  Special pricing and events.  Call Erin at MHC 354-8677
for more information and to sign up!

Our services

State-of-the-art machines | Free weights | Sport-specific programs | Group exercise classes | Pilates | Yoga | Nutrition counseling | Osteoporsis prevention | Back training and exercises | Fitness assessment | Body composition testing

The staff

Our Professional and Qualified Staff credentials include:
National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Council on Exercise, and National Athletic Trainer Association

Kim Brown

Kim Brown, Group Exercise Director
Certified through the American Council on Exercise, Kim leads a variety of group exercise classes, including Spin, T.B.C and Pilates. She is also certified from Powerhouse Pilates in Mat 1.

Jennifer Clapp

Jennifer Clapp, Group Exercise Instructor

Vandy Passmore

Vandy Passmore, Group Exercise Instructor
She has been teaching in Sacramento for six years and loves teaching different formats, including jazz-dance and sculpt, Flashdance aerobics, step aerobics and body sculpting.

Bridget Cohen

Bridget McGinness, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor
She has taught group exercise in the Sacramento area for more than 15 years. Initially a Certified Step Instructor, she now has a Schwinn Indoor Cycle Certification, Les Mills Body Pump Certification and is studying for her Personal Training Certificate (ACE).

Kathleen Fleak


Kathleen Fleak, Group Exercise Instructor




Zumba! Energize your body with Latin-inspired cardio moves that will challenge your entire body and heart rate!
ACE Conditioning Agility+Core+Endurance = muscle confusion! HIIT, Tabata, Body Weight Training.
Cardio Kickboxing Burn calories like crazy – energizing boxing aerobic workout – using punch, jab and kick to music!
Cycle Class Endurance bike workout designed to push you to the next level – Great Cardio.
YIN Yoga Relax your b ody and mind using yoga poses to improve flexibility, strength, balance and inner peace.
Yoga and FlowYoga Build muscular power and joint flexibility by moving fluidly from one yoga pose to the next, strengthening and toning the abdominals, back, legs and arms while finding balance in your mind, body and spirit.
TBC (Total Body Conditioning) Muscle toning using weights and bands while strengthening core with Pilates-based balance exercises.

Murieta Theory Alternating five minutes of heart-pumping cardio with five minutes of weight/body weight circuit training.

7281 Lone Pine Drive D106 | PO Box 794 | Rancho Murieta, CA 95683
(916) 354-8677
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