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Access to gated communities

I have lived in RM for 30 years. I have watched my kids (2) grow up and move in to RM and raise their kids (our grandkids). We also were instrumental in my brothers-in-law and my niece now living in RM. After all of that we are now being told we are no longer welcome inside the gates because we moved in to the Village. What a sad day for our Community when we can’t support the retirement community that houses so many parents and grandparents of RM residents.  To make matters worse a month ago we were told that we were going to be able to pay a nominal fee that would allow us to maintain our bar code access. Now this has been taken away also. As RM residents I would propose that this option should be an individual choice not an all or nothing scenario. Any support from our beloved RM community would be greatly appreciated.


Ray Lammlein

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I'm disgusted too

I'm disgusted by the choice of the RMA Board of Directors too.

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