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Adding a feature to the traffic alerts

TrafficWe're testing a new feature of the Rancho Murieta traffic alerts, and we'll appreciate your suggestions and reactions.  (That's a copy of the home-page feature on the right.) It tracks the level of Deer Creek and lets you know when the creek is flooded at Scott Road -- a route used by many northbound Murietans and the first roadway in the county to be flooded by storms.

This alert will tell you Deer Creek is nearing flood stage when the creek gets within a foot of that level.  And you can click the "Deer Creek Levels" link to see a chart of the creek levels for the last 24 hours, so you can tell whether the creek is rising or falling.

This feature will disappear from the traffic info during the dry months, but it should be valuable in the winter for Murietans who use Scott Road.

All year there's a lot of useful info in the traffic alerts, which have tracked incidents on Murieta commuter roads since 2009:

#1 -- This shows the number of traffic incidents on the streets Murietans drive -- Jackson, Dillard, Sunrise, Grant Line, Stonehouse, U.S. 50 and many more.  (See the full list here.) 

#2 -- This describes each of those incidents.  Click the "Details" link below to see any CHP online chatter about it.

#3 -- This offers a traffic map of the entire Sacramento area, including how well traffic is moving -- or not moving -- on major roads like Jackson, Sunrise, Bradshaw, Watt, etc.  It can be helpful before you head out to the car.

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