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Amerigas / Kamps / Interstate Propane Charges

We are currently paying $4 plus per gallon of propane through Amerigas and have heard that Kamp's charges $1.35 per gallon for Rancho Murieta residents.  We are looking to others for help with current pricing as well as customer service ratings of the various suppliers.  Thank you in advance.

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We have Kamps, unfortunately can't help you with current pricing...our last fill up was July @ $0.91 a gallon.  Customer Service has been great.  They had put us on that wireless device that is suppose to let them know when we are running low but it never worked for us, so they come out and check periodically.  But we do have to keep an eye on that ourselves as we have run out of propane in January 2015 and I think 2013, so I now check the guage that is on the tank.  So they have had to do an emergency fill-up same day, no service fee for that even if it's a weekend.   During winter time we pretty much go thru a tank a month.

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Ferrellgas is $1.06 per

Ferrellgas is $1.06 per gallon on our last bill (paid 10/12/2015).  Great customer service.

Thanks, jpr.

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I recieved Kamp's price today which was quoted at $1.31/gal.

Bill Murphy

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Amerigas Propane Gouging Murieta?

Mr. Toft, When you say you are currently paying Amerigas $4+ per gallon for delivered propane, are you referring to this Winter's price by Amerigas? As posted later, this Winter's pricing by other companies operating here is in the $1.30s/gallon range. If the answer is yes, that Amerigas is gouging Murietans more than 300% of the pricing of its competitors, suggest report this to RMA, who may be able to induce them to be more competitive in this private community if they want to continue operations here.

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Kamps will meet price

When I called Kamps yesterday to arrange a delivery, they quoted me the $1.31/gallon price and I told them that Farrellgas was only $1.06 and they said they would match the price.

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Amerigas / Kamps / Interstate Propane Charges

We have had four Amerigas propane deliveries over the past year.  All have been priced over $4 per gallon.  Delivery dates were Nov. 2014 ($4.08 / gal), Dec. 2014 ($4.39 / gal),  Feb. 2015 ($4.23 / gal), and Sept. 2015 ($4.10 / gal.).  I did call RMA (Greg) who confirmed that Kamps does have an agreement with the RM HOA that they will charge 32 cents above the wholesale price per gallon of propane.  Amerigas did give me an adjustment matching Kamp's price only for the last delivery.  I have called Amerigas and asked to speak with the manager (Randy) about this ongoing issue three times in the past month.  Each time I was assured that he would call me back to discuss the matter.  He has yet to attempt to contact me.  I have not heard from any other RM Amerigas customers.  Not surprisingly, I am highly unsatisfied with Amerigas pricing and customer service over the past couple of years.  The price of propane has not been the only issue I have had to address with Amerigas.  Price gouging is obviously a question in my mind, but would like to hear from other residents to find out if anyone else is experiencing issues with Amerigas.  Thank you to all who have responded and in advance to those who plan to respond.  Deb Toft

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Amerigas propane overcharges

Hi Paul,

If you haven't already done so, call some of the other propane vendors and buy the lowest cost tank you can find. 

Then use up as much propane as you can from your current tank.

Then arrange for delivery of your new tank and fill it usingthe lowest cost vendor.

Then tell Amerigas to pick up their old tank.

Note that Amerigas will probably not give you any credit for the leftover propane in their tank.

From then on you can buy propane from whomever you want.


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Kamps falls down on job

Well I'm pretty p.o.'d right now.  Called Kamps on Monday to let them know we were down to 12% propane, their phone rang forever and finally went to voice mail.  I left a message w/ name, account # phone #.  Never got a call back.  Went to check today, we were down to 5%.  Called and called until I finally got a live person.  She apologized and got in touch with the main route driver.  They would be out today to fill our tank.  5pm, no propane, we are down to 0%.  Called, she said drivers were still out making delivery.  7:20pm...still no propane.  Thankfully there must still be a little bit in there so were were able to cook dinner.  May be a cold night tonight if they don't get here and the furnace has no gas to heat it.

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Beth. Sorry about your experience with Kamps. But as far as I am concerned, they have always delivered as promised at a very reasonable price. I have no idea how often you have your tank refilled, but maybe you should consider having your tank filled in late summer when demand is low (along with the price of propane!) to avoid this problem in the future. And hopefully that will get you thru the winter?

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Bunky, our last fill up was July 23rd  (not exactly late summer) and it lasted until now Dec. 4th.  During the winter we have learned we go thru a tank a month and learned this the hard way due to completly running out one January and then running very low on a couple other occasions since that time. 

I am usually on top of it, but it's been a very hectic month plus both of us being down with this horrible cold that's going around that I just kept forgetting to check the tank.  I finally did that on Monday and left the message at Kamps letting them know were at 12% and no one ever got back to me.  The only explanation I can think of as to why this happened, is based on our past receipts our fill-up day should have been the 4th Thurs which was Thanksgiving...and somehow they forgot to reschedule us for the next day.

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FYI - Cost of Propane

As an FYI on the cost of propane, we had our tank filled by Ferrellgas on 12/4/2015 and the cost was $1.42/gal.  There is also a fuel surcharge of $6.00 and a hazmat fee of $12.99.

Interestly, I checked back and discovered that we had the tank filled at almost exactly the same time last year (12/3/2014) and the price then was $1.65/gal.  In between, we had a fill on 1/29 at $1.29 and on 4/7/2015 at $1.20.


Ernest & Ellison Cowles

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Cost of Propane

We also had our empty tank filled on 12/4, cost from Kamps $1.309.  Hazmat fee $7.95, no mention of a fuel surcharge.

Checking back also 12/2/14 $2.059, 1/15/15 $2.059, 2/20/15 $1.859 and 7/23/15 $0.919.  Looks like Ferrellgas was much cheaper than Kamps in this comparison.

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We just received a delivery 12/14/15. I called Amerigas to check the price we are paying per gallon and was suprised to find out we were charged $3.93 a gallon. Was told it would be checked why it is so high and will called back.

Bonnie Burberry

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