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Andrew Grant criticized for visiting Muslim center

Sacbee story about congressional candidate Andrew Grant, a Republican who visited the Muslim Community Center in Folsom and posed for a photo with some people there. He posted the photo on Facebook and immediately took a lashing from some people who say they won't vote for him as a result.

In the midst of one of the Facebook exchanges, Grant, who's opposing incumbent Ami Bera, wrote of the people at the Muslim center, "These are some of our strongest leaders, all have a strong sense of community, very business-minded. Conservative. As I said - I’d be proud to represent them." He added later, "In no way will I accept stereotyping an entire religion or group of people." The Facebook post, with 130 comments at the moment:

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What am I missing?

I have looked at this story and reiwed the posts, and can not find any that were negative.  were the negative ones removed or is this just a effort by the bee to foment negative publicity?  If you truly want to support Andrew, do what I did and sent a donation for his campaign.  


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Bee Candidate Grant Article?

Agree Mr. Denham. Also tried the link posted in the RM.COM article, only to receive "page does not exist", nor do the "lashing" Facebook comments appear as RM.COM indicated to follow. Is this an attempted smear of candidate Grant?

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Disappearing anti-Muslim comments

The Sacbee link has been fixed. It appears Grant or his people are editing the Facebook comments, since there are fewer comments now than there were Monday.

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