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Appreciating the CRES Team!

Staff appreciation week was last week at CRES and it was well deserved.  We have had a great year with CRES and it is entirely due to the quality people who are dedicated to the well being of our kids.  This has been a huge year for the CRES team.  Unprecedented construction and budget struggles in addition to the already demanding pressure to meet State and Federal acheivement requirements would make some people throw up their hands and just do what is required and nothing more. That's just not the case with CRES. They have redoubled their efforts to focus on our kids and their well being.  To be able to do that takes dedication, persistance and outstanding organizational and classroom management.  Fantastic role modeling for our kids because those are skills they will need to be successful in the 21st century. Thank you CRES, our family sees your good work and we appreciate you.

Mrs Tuvell! Thank you for making Asher feel so special. Thanks too for having high standards. It's the best gift a teacher can give a child. We love you,

Mrs Boudreaux! Congratulations on your new baby.  We think of you all the time and miss you. All year We've appreciated the excellent foundation and love of learning you instilled in Asher. Thank you so much.

Mrs Hamel! We've loved you for years and are so happy for all your future classrooms. You have the dedication and heart to be the kind of teacher our kid's need.  Love your kids too but that's another post. :)

Mrs LeBlanc and Mrs Trapasso, Thank you so much for your dedication and patience as "Yard Duty".  What you must see! We know you help all the kids with the life lessons they need to be successful.  We think of you as our pinch hitters at school.  Thank you so much. We know it's dedication and love of the kids that keeps you there.

Mrs Wooten and Mrs Black - How cool is the Back to School Dance?  Thank you for taking it on. PE makes Asher's heart sing, he absolutely loves it and so do all his friends. Thank you very much.

Principal Gulden - Thank you for making the kids the priority.  We've both seen administrators overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have to do and sometimes the desire to shut your door and mow through it must be intense. You are out there, the parents and most importantly the kids know you care and we think your leadership is a key component to CRES successfully making it through the storm.  Love the open door policy too.  We are lucky to have you. Thank you very much.

Mrs Bus Driver! Thank you. Thank you for not flipping out. Thank you for not letting our kids off in the middle of a torn up construction zone and thank you for looking out for our kids everyday. 

We are very impressed with our PTA and how well they support the CRES team. To us, it's what makes Rancho Murieta a fantastic place to raise families. 

With respect and admiration,

Nellie and Steve Bloom


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