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Are you concerned about recent water issues?

Sharing a post from NextDoor:  Concerned with the water issues? A group will be meeting on Saturday, July 6th - 9:00 a.m. at the North Gazebo

Murieta Scientists

All are welcome!! We will meet on Saturday, July 6, 9 am, at the Gazebo near the North Gate. We will discuss the recent situation in Rancho Murieta concerning our piped water monitored and managed by CSD. Our specialists in water, geology, and botany will field questions that you may have. Please bring any questions or topics you would like to discuss on the 6th or at a future meeting. We also plan to examine rock specimens that are representative of local geological formations that we observed near Lakes Calero and Chesbro at the June meeting.



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Water Test Schedule, Bogus Call?

Received call 02 July from #916-684-3678, caller identified themselves as "Waterwheel". Said all of Rancho Murieta water is contaminated, that CSD had given residents list to "Waterwheel" (caller knew name, phone number and address, although that info can be gleaned from RMA Directory)  to schedule each household for water test for contamination. Suspect bogus/scam, since never heard this from CSD, and that CSD has no authority to give out resident's information to outsiders, without resident's consent. Went along with caller's spiel, playing unsuspecting role, while not giving any further info, to allow investigation of "Waterwheel" by CSD/authorities. Anyone else in Rancho Murieta been so contacted and solicited by "Waterwheel"?

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