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Is anyone having trouble with their AT&T phone and or internet service?  Ours keeps going out - and we have verified it is the line to the house, not anything within the house.  Yesterday, they could not fix it so we are still without service 4+ days.


Just wondering if it is just us or if different repairment are coming out and when they fix one person, they mess up another.

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You might consider changing to RMA Broadband as it's faster and the service is now very good.  I haven't had an outage in months.


Dick Cox

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We gave up

We had AT&T Internet for years and finally gave up after months of troubles.   We've been very happy with RMA's product.

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What about phone?

I understand about RMA cable/internet but how about a land line?  Most of the time, it is just the land line phone service that goes out (4 times in the last 2 months), this last time was the first time for the internet to fail.

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I had some problems with the phone and internet awhile back.  Turned out there was a cut phone line on the exterior part of the house (from an old heating and air unit), and it was slowly eroding from the elements.  The service guy they sent found it right away though.  Good luck finding your problem, I know how frustrating it can be!

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for several years, I have had them for both my land line and internet.  have not had any problems with either one.  though in the past when my son was gaming online and i was surfing online, i would get kicked off.  that is when my son figured out that we just needed to get a new modem and router.  the one we had was outdated.  since we have done that, it is running faster and without getting kicked off.

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I've had AT&T Internet and phone service for 6+ years.  Phone bill is low even though it's unlimited calls and long distance.  Can't remember when the last outage occurred on the Internet.  Maybe 3 or 4 years ago.  It's fast and reliable.  Have had no problems whatsoever.

Bill McCarver

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I have had Comcast, AT&T and sbcglobal internet in the past.  Switched to RMA in January and could not be more pleased.  Faster and more reliable than all of them.

I also fired AT&T for my home service.  I got an Ooma phone system because I could keep my tetephone number and you do not have to keep your computer on to get calls. 


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The only time we have had an outage--landline phone or DSL Internet--has been when the electricity goes off altogether. With their "package" deals, we feel we are doing well with two phone lines, DSL and Dish TV. Excellent service thus far.

Bobbi Belton

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Thanks everyone, for your replies.  My husband reports that it was finally fixed  yesterday (I am in Kansas with the grandkids).   Hopefully, it is a final fix and not just a temporary one has the previous ones have been.  Apparently it is not a systemmic problem based on the responses here.

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problems for me too!

I have had ATT and too as of late have been having connectivity issues off and on for the last week.  It seems ok now, but I know that the last time I had outages repeatedly it was the cheap modem they provide for free.  I upgraded to the 2wire router/modem several years ago and it has been rock solid up until this last week...either need to get a new modem or they were having issues.

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