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August CPAC meeting

At yesterday's meeting we unanimously approved a proposal to lease the Boy's Ranch. The I applicant is a non profit group named All,About Equine presently based in ElDoeado Hills. The organization rescues and rehabilitates horses. The presentation packet we received was very professional and the list of programs they are involved in is equally impressive. You can check out the organization at their website, www.allaboutequine.org.

It is unlikely that the ranch will return to it's original mission in the foreseeable future. The cost was over $10 million per year. This use is certainly more attractive than the last proposal to turn the project into a center for federal prisoner re entry.

This project will now go to the County for approval.. Final authority rests with the Board Of Supervisors.

We also discussed future meetings for the Keifer Landfill and the Rancho Murieta development. It is planned that these will be held at CRES. This should be easily accessible to all who are interested.and should eliminate the requirement to watch through an open window.


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Merchant and CCPAC Agenda

Good on ya', John.

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